EOS Mini Series - Part 6 - The Potential Danger Zones Of EOS

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This is part 6 of a mini series I shot with Kyle from The Awakenment YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCphVYR2CHULYHf59ZSQMEag
In this mini series we talk about the EOS cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract platform created by Dan Larimer and Block.one to be 'the Ethereum killer'.

If you don't know what that coin is doing in the top left corner of the video visit this link to find out: https://steemit.com/eos/@marketingmonk/a-sneak-peek-of-the-awakenment-of-the-cryptoverse-an-old-english-shilling-of-eos

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I think the main problem, just like with Ethereum, is having a central figure that can influence the market so much. Imagine a scenario in which Dan Larimer promotes specific block producers forming a cartel if you will. This is a potential issue I see with the design and rollout.


Almost all coins other than Bitcoin have the messiah problem :)


Though Bitcoin avoids this only through the anonymity of Satoshi. I imagine if he/she surfaced now though influence would be limited given the evolution.

It is going to be a great future for crypto as the media and mainstream worm appears to be turning, albeit slowly.

The 10% vote is bot a problem in the short term as they need to ensure that they can guide consensus early on to align what they built to move forward. They need to ensure that the vision continues until more Dapps are created and the network becomes more decentralized.

Awesome job guys! Steem 2 sounds like a great project for Dan but how about EOS 2 ? Thanks Chris!


EOS 2? Behave yourself :D

Oh, as you said it's really sounds odd about the 1% of all EOS tokens for 10 years, and yes EOS is coming with an great vision and for sure it will dominate other platforms, and don't have knowledge but in my opinion hopefully in future EOS can help Steem, if this happens then that will great thing itself and it can boost to great heights. And now Steem should work on SMT's as soon as possible because now slowly competition is increasing and we can use opportunities if SMT's are launched soon. Thanks for sharing this informative discussion video with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great video, very informative. EOS will rock hard. We will see it coming. Thank you.