Warning Verge Holders - BTC Donations During Ramadan

2년 전

Today I do a market roundup, some technical analysis and look at Verge mining exploit. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at: https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/the-master-cryptocurrency-trader/

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If you get the Scatter guy on please ask him about whether he thinks people will be afraid to give negative ratings out of fear of receiving a negative rating in return. If there was a way to make the ratings delayed or anonymous that would possibly be better. I'm not sure it will be possible though due to the nature of the EOS blockchain...

As for Verge, it's always seemed a little bit scammy to me, so this news is no surprise

First - really clear picture and audio.

Re: Crypto donations
That is fabulous that the mosque is accepting cryptos as donations. It means that cryptos are becoming more well-known and more widely accepted in society.

In the US there could be a big tax advantage if someone holds a cryptocurrency for more than a year and donates it to a 501c3 charity. One should check with their accountant to make sure. It may depend on how the US Gov't categorizes cryptos.

I tried to have a charity I deal with , open a BTC account on Gemini for donations. They didn't mainly because the people in charge of finances didn't know enough about BTC; read some negative articles in the past; and are very conservative. But I will continue to follow this tax favorable donation possibilities.
Thanks for your updates.


I don't know why any charity wouldn't accept crypto donations really. If someone is willing to give you money then you can't really be too fussed what form it's in!


In the U.S. there are strict laws for a charitable organization. Finance managers are very conservative and they don't do what they don't know so they protect the organization from any possible legal problems.

Nice one Chris. Your “Where do they keep their arms” joke gave my phone a coffee shower this morning lol.

I have always struggled to let TA guide my trading decisions in crypto. It is just too fast paced and I feel there is such a vast amount of “immature” traders attached to crypto that emotion and illogical BS takes over and is the anti matter of any TA performed.

As for verge...... you get what you pay for in this life.

Always appreciate your shows, my fix of crypto news and the roundup is my favourite! Thanks.

I don't mind the technical analysis, ya with crypto who knows what's going on exactly but maybe in the future the technical analysis will work better, also I like to hear your resistance levels and break out points, gives me a number to look out for.

Okay Chris I'm locked in with funds transferring for your Master course. 1 more confirmation needed! I'm really looking forward to it now I've taken the plunge.

It has also been good to see the podcast appearing more frequently on iTunes so thanks for sorting that out.


Excellent! Here's some cashback as an upvote lol. Great to have you!

Hey Chris love the podcast, always listen while in the car - Seems to be the only place i can squeeze it in. I was wondering if you have been across the Envion scandal.. its a mess! only mentioning it as i heard about it from one your shows.

keep up the great work pal!


Yes, i have this in my news pool just haven't got round to mentioning it. Yet. I did put a little into their ICO and am currently down 80%.


Me too! theres alot of very unhappy investers

Hey Monk, Just subscribed to your channel, I like your mix of sober fundamentals, tech and technical analysis.
Luckily, I left Verge just after the Purnhub pump. too many issues surrounding the project.
Greating from Brazil.

Good bro very informative post. Thanks.

This post is a real eye opener.
The tax on exchange market has always been a lot hard.
And for verge? Strong factors usually require wise curbing measures.
I wish you success with the conference.

Hey Chris,

You mention in this video that you've put in buy orders for EOS ERC20 tokens so that if the main net launch doesn't go well initially you hope to get some discounted EOS ERC20 tokens. However if the main net launch has started/been attempted this means the EOS ERC20 token snapshot would have already taken place and all EOS ERC20 tokens are frozen.

As the main net will not be using the actual EOS ERC20 tokens but a 1:1 issued actual EOS token depending on your balance at the time of the snapshot.

I wanted to ask your opinion (or maybe warn you of an oversight) that would buying EOS ERC20 tokens after the snapshot be dangerous/worthless as these tokens will not be honoured on the EOS main net (unless you're hoping for a second snapshot to occur if the first main net launch fails?).

I'm looking forward to the EOS launch. No doubt it's going to be an eventful few days and I'll be hanging on your every word during your coverage. Keep up the great work!


EOS stored on Binance will automatically morph into native tokens when the mainnet is live. So I'm not trading the ERC20 token. I'm trading the EOS token.


Ah good to know! Thanks

Verge is an asset that needs to demonstrate its capabilities to execute on its partnerships and technology in order to gain value. From prices it seems they have not been able to do either and could continue to underperform. This is an example of what could continue to happened to hyped projects if they fail to deliver on their roadmaps.