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  ·  4년 전

Shit happens. Keep it up!....:)...

thanks for the info

I sincerely Hope people start using steem instead of paypal. All we need is a simple p2p system to replace paypals ACH bank transfer system , or amply use bitpay cards for cashing out, coinbase for buying in.Id rather find a different solution rather than coinbase, like using but imagine a for listing steem to cash and cash to steem payments. It would be nice however to just have a coinbase like app but which bought and sold steem/sbd with your bank/debit/creditcard just like coinbase does. We can dream can't we?

Hey Chris, would love it if you gave PalmPay(.io) a try. PalmPay allows you to accept all of the top cryptos with one app, doesn't cost the merchant (you in this case) anything, and it pays the Ambassador in your city to provide you with support if you ever need it. For more info, would love to chat with you in the group chat on telegram or keybase @: Agorise


I can understand the position they're in, being told that they can't do business with you. I don't think 5 days notice is fair though. If you aren't in violation of the agreement, what notice does it say they should give you? They might have to do what they're told by their business partners but they should be able to give you more time to sort this out. I hope you come up with a good solution

Hey, although I am not (yet) confronted with this adversity, I agree with you fully in terms of the banks starting to worry about the future of some of their departments...
Still, I do not understand why you don't go through Paypal... Then you can send your hard earned fiat wherever you like...

Don't give up, there are always alternatives. You might try Dalpay for instance. They are in Iceland but if I remember correctly can send your money via IBAN. OKPay is also UK based and they take crypto and credit card payments. If those don't work, there is also I Payments. They would even give you access to Union Pay. I consult in this area, so if you are still stuck just contact me on my contact form:

I took that ability away from them two years ago. Go 100% crypto. It is not easy but if we could do it in Panama I am sure you could do it in the UK. BTW if it is your employees that need cash then find new employees that take Crypto.


I think a lot of people might be missing the point that he's educating people on how to use crypto for the first time. Those people wont be using crypto, they're still using fiat. So switching to crypto for payments wont help. It would be great if everyone just used crypto but at the moment we don't have mass adoption and people like Chris are doing a great job educating those that don't fully understand how crypto works.

You'll win out in the end. The banks have yet to realize how this is going to end and have doubled down in ignorance.

The bright side of this is that it demonstrates how disruptive blockchain technology will be in the traditional financial industry and the importance of normal individuals strive to control our own monetary sovereignty. The fact that they are making it more difficult will make more potential users aware of the power they wield over our own wealth which should be unacceptable if we are truly free. The fact that they make statements like “the risk” related to this industry also demonstrates their selective ignorance and choice to spread FUD instead or embrace the revolution. I trust the community will be inspired to create solutions for these issues.

Strange move, they were even accepting bitcoin as payment before...

Good luck with this, i assume finding another is not impossible... Thumbs up!

Such BS! Yes, this is a prime example of how banks abuse their power and have too much of it. They are afraid for sure! Same thing when they started charging a fee for using coinbase. WE support you Chris, consider this post resteemed and shared! Thanks for sharing with us!

The banking and social media giants are just digging their own graves at this point with their pathetic attempts to control and censor the masses. I see no reason to interrupt their self-destructive behavior. :)

Brother this is the biggest travesty and example of abuse of power I have seen for some time.

Your followers (including me) value the work you do and I am sure we will come together to support you.

This may be a little contrversal but, desperate times
Call for desperate measures. Steemit is already ripe with upvote bots and the reality is, a lot of money can be generated by using them. I will not only re steem this but as soon as I get the payout for some of my blog posts I will be sending you an upvote form a bot with the biggest amount I can ( it will not be much but every little helps). Some of the posts on steemit recieve over $1000 per post and are nowhere near he quality of yours.

I encourage anyone on steemit that follows you to do the same.

Good luck sir and enjoy the conference.

damn this is terrible

For UK customers, you could do bank transfers, to your personal a/c or to your a/c with a crypto exchange e.g. Kraken. Not a great solution as it doesn't help with for non-UK customers and allow card pymts which most UK & non-UK people want/expect. But it may keep some funds coming in, while you transition.

Perhaps setting up a new company with a generic name like Internet Educational Services and detailing that your courses are internet focused learning courses without ever mentioning crypto. This may not draw the attention of bank compliance systems. However this presupposes your business name and company details mention crypto. I assume this is how it was flagged to a bank compliance system.

However, bank compliance staff maybe searching the web to see if the business is as described on public company records. I doubt it though, as having staff individually search the large amount of small businesses would be an extensive task. I imagine this is an automated process tied to XBRL data, freely available, from the companies office. Someone can correct me on this, if I have it wrong.

Once you have the new company setup, then apply to the usual card processors for pymt receipts.

Banking redundacy, might be called for though. Perhaps a more crypto friendly country will allow you setup a business and bank account, Isle of Man, Cyprus, etc.

This Stripe thing is like Paypal. These companies are going to become part of history, the past. The Crypto world is taking over and is the future.
Thank you for your work.

Trust you are able to find replacement online payment system provider soon. There are a number of alternatives out there and surely not everyone could be so unreasonable as Stripe. What help do you need help in getting replacement?

That's a strange tactic to try. I suppose there could be some business sense to that, if the people handling the transactions are unable to keep up with the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

I'm sure you'll figure something out for yourself, remember, if they cannot adapt to the changing environment, they will be like the dinosaurs.

The war just started!!!....I'm sure you'll find a better way to accept credit cards again...Paypal, Uphold, bank transfer, etc...

Think how many more people would be using crypto' by now if Bitcoin hadn't been kicked into the long grass for 3 years prior to aug 2017.

Think how much more difficult it would be for the banking cartel to do this, if people were already used to using crypto for small(and large) payments all the time, every day, all over the world.

I love currency competition, but to achieve fast, widespread adoption we had to make full use of that very well known brand. What a waste.

Whenever I ask people what they think of cryptocurrencies, they say, "Crypto..what? Currencies. No what's that?".

When I then say: What about Bitcoin, they say: "Aaah, yes, Bitcoin... I've heard of that."

Try it with newbies. See if you get a hit on 'cryptocurrencies' before 'Bitcoin'.

Nice video and great work. Thanks, @marketingmonk

Sorry to hear about this mate. I will share your message and hope things turn around for you. Best Wishes and thanks for the info!!!!

I'm sorry to hear that Chris, certainly an added frustration that you didn't need. Could you instead encourage people to pay with PayPal or bank transfer? You could also try the company that Stripe linked to in their email.

It might be time to build our own UK payment platform. Surely there will be a Isle-of-Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar based bank that we could use as our plug-in to the legacy fiat system? The UK is a money laundering centre, surely we can use their own tools against them?

This is a real bullying tactic by the banks. I have shared it with my groups. We need to provide awareness. Thanks for not keeping quiet!

it won't be long soon that banks will become obsolete.they are scared that crypto will replace them and putting them out of business.

At first, I thought you were being melodramatic, but having watched the video, that is certainly not the case. Sorry you are having to deal with this.

Bye Chris gone but not forgotten ;)

I'm sure you will come back from Tulip with a 100 ways to work around this.

What about using Itunes or google pay for business?

You could make a basic app and then charge for that ;)

  ·  4년 전

looks like it's time to go full crypto then :)

there's bitUSD and DAI at least

hi @himarketingmonk... I posted this video of yours- with the youtube link on my blog here on steemit -instead of resteemit from your blog ... so sorry for that !!!
I did not know u before today & did it with an only good intention, I tried to delete it but did not manage to do that - I truly hope no harm is done!
my apologies

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