The best way to earn in the world of cryptocurrency

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Hello Steemers!

Today I'm going to give you a number one tip, how to make money investing in cryptocurrency!

First of all there are hundreds of coins out there just like STEEM. Every single one has it's own price.
There are a bunch of methods and technical analysis on how you can trade with coins on various exchange sites, but if you keep it simple, that becomes a real no brainer.

So how we are going to do that. Pick an exchange site like Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex and search for the coin that has minimal value. I mean MINIMAL VALUE. The smaller price of the coin, the better.

Invest it, buy it and most important of all FORGET IT! Come back in one month or two and see what happens.

Of course you should do a little research of the coin just to be sure it has some good purpose, watch some news and you are certain that you WILL profit from this. I guarantee you!

Only remember what has happened with Bitcoin and the guy who paid for two pizza with over 2000 Bitcoins years ago.

Keep it simple, invest in small coins and let it grow.

The cryptocurrency market is still very young and it is not too late to make something for yourself!

For example coins like ADA, RIPPLE, IOST, NCASH are a good coins to invest.

If you would want to know more, please comment, like, make suggestions, I will be doing more of this kind of posts to help people better understand the opportunities in this crypto world.

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