Now here is a Crypto Scam that you gotta LOVE - JesusCoin. Seriously - best laugh in a long time...

4년 전

The crypto world is dark and full of scammers.

It is known.

But the Lord Of Light is here to save us.

No, really.

My mood in the last couple days was slightly angry, I switched to 'hunt & destroy' mode, incompetent/fraudulent companies like Authorship ( and - even worse - Wirex (article about their massive Bitcoin Cash scam coming soon) just piss me off. Not so much because you lose a little coin on occasion, but because they harm the crypto community and make it more difficult for legitimate projects down the road...

But today, my spirits were lifted. To heaven.

Not only did a bunch of angry crypto nerds with pitchforks force Authorship to re-consider their scammy behaviour.

But I met Jesus! Praised be the Lord! And he has his own coin now!!!

I am still in awe, errrr, actually rolling on the floor laughing...

Among all the shitty copy-cat coins and scammy Ether tokens this is one that is totally worth any Ether you can throw at it.


Laughing is priceless, laughing heals (long live Patch Adams!), and this coin will make you laugh until you pee yourself, I can testify to that.

JesusCoin clearly has the best dev team, since the invention of the original church scam:


And, even more importantly: Have you ever read a 'whitepaper' of any coin/ICO?

All that cryptic boring crypto-nerd babble, mixed with some hyper buzz words and a bunch of unverifiable claims?

Yeah, boooooring, and often insulting the intelligence of the reader.

Not so here!

JesusCoin has the best whitepaper EVER. I read it. Every fucking word, even when my vision got blurred by all the tears I was laughing...

Now go, read, laugh, invest and be saved. Maybe. Or probably not.

Main site:
(there is also a Latin version in terrible 'church latin'....ROFLMAO)

Enjoy your laugh & the light, folks - tomorrow we will be back to the dark side of the crypto world...

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Hahaha 😂 @martinwanderer mate your analysis of Jesuscoin is so funny... What if they succeed and start their Hard Forks...😋
Great post...any good tips of ICO?


TY :)
I might actually 'invest' a few EtherCENTS in Jesus. Just for the lulz.
Re other ICOs I am currently taking a break. Too much BS. I liked the idea behind Authorship, but they screwed up in the most hilarious way so far... Guess I will wait a bit, look good, I had a look at the pre-release and liked it. Probably will use it to distribute/sell my own ebooks/courses.

P.S.: if it was so funny, where is my fucking upvote? I am still a needy n00b here! LOL


Sure...will look up your new post as I was out of vote limit when I saw your post... Do hook me up on your next post... Let's keep supporting our good works...we all need some $$$😎

This is wonderful!! I needed a good laugh!! They even put jesus donkey on the team!! The percentages had me cracking up!!


Yesss!!!!! Crowdfunding for the next crusade!! I had to stop readong for a sec cause i was laughing waayyyy to hard at that one


Hehe, indeed. The whitepaper is the best, almost killed me... xD

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