If You Buy The Right Crypto, Your Financial Situation Can Be Solved In A Matter Of Hours.

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This isn't the first time Blockv has witnessed such a meteoric surge. Back in December 2017, shortly following its token generation event (TGE), the cryptocurrency managed to climb from around $0.018 up to $0.326—equivalent to gaining more than 1,700% in just five weeks. But it was short lived. Since then it lost 99.5% of its value.

And, with such low volumes this time around, the coin will find it hard to stay in the top 40.

While most of the cryptocurrency market is experiencing mild to moderate losses, one obscure cryptocurrency, known as Blockv (VEE) is defying expectations after pumping by more than 7,000% in the last day. The recent surge now makes Blockv the 33rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, just behind Decred (DCR) and Zcash (ZEC). Read More Here

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Now that's epic growth

Steem should be the one that grows like this.

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Steem made a Smart Media Token (SMT) mistake 😌
It’ll take much longer but it will get there. 😊