How Pokerking Is Leading The Revolution For Blockchain based Poker .

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One of the most unique characteristics of a casino platform is to be fair and trustless.

Blockchain technology maintains a trusted transaction network without relying on a central authority which makes it the perfect fit for gambling dapps and poker in particular.

Blockchain is key to decentralizing the system and providing a free and fair system for all.

All blockchain transactions are completely anonymous and verifiable.

Online based poker which blockchain based poker is aiming to solve it's limitations aren't entirely anonymous and transactions aren't easily verifiable.

Blockchain provides a trustless system which is self anonymous and verifiable.

Most Blockchain platforms rewards users of its platform with a token which is mostly valuable in the platform and pokerking uses the same model by rewarding users
of it's platform a tradeable King token.

Pokerking aims to be at the forefront of this revolution by been a one stop platform for poker players all around the globe.

Join us now!!!

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