Life wisdom which I extracted from Crypto - Vol.1

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There is a lot of things you can find in crypto space. You can earn money; you can lose money. You can watch and learn. For me, the crypto space is a good chance to do something with your life if You are self-reflective and you can learn from your mistakes.
Also, I am glad that I found a piece of wisdom I want to share with you here.




Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, my dear followers and internet wanderers. I have got thrilled to write this article its origins start in my private conversations with a few wise people.
This article intends to withdraw some wisdom from my buddies minds and offer this to you on a silver plate via this article. This article can be a little bit longer, and the style of the writing can be vaguer, but that should not be a point here anymore. If you are tired, take a break. If you can't concentrate anymore longer, consider to take a nap and come back here tomorrow. I think that someone of you can find himself in between these lines, somebody can find a long-lost motivation to change something in his/her life.
So without any more words go to Read the article, learn a lesson and enjoy your time with me.

With regards, Mickey

Manual to this article: You have to read this article from front to back and show your grace. After all, that is how literature works, right?
(unless it is instruction manual, in which case no one reads them at all)

Part one: Rob


Play the soundtrack here:

Hello brother. Thank you so much for joining me here. You are my first object of this life wisdom brick shithouse built article. So please, before we will start. Tell me something about yourself. Lets the story begin. Let people know, why are you here and what you can offer to them, buddy. You sound like a successful man who arrived alive from many challenging battles, but every beast has its scars. I will bet my bottom dollar that you have already experience how the Fenix felt when he was dying and consider to arise himself back into life from his ashes.

I worked in construction for the past 15 years on a mobile crane. My wife and I have many failures in business and investing. In the GFC I lose $100K. We cried and were stress. However, we keep going. We start two times business that failed. However, we keep going. We dream that one day it will succeed. We have three kids, and sometimes we didn't know where we get money for bills and house payment. Our family and friends all go on holidays and buy new things, but we put all our money into business and investment. Sacrifice much. My wife nearly has a nervous breakdown from stress. Then One day our latest business start to be successful little by little. Our first big dream was for me to leave my job and do full-time business. We did this 12 months ago after many hard years. We build the business up, so we just manage it from the laptop. No need to be hands on. We take kids out of school and homeschool now and do all business from wifi and notebook...People say "you are lucky" and I say "yes, the harder I work the luckier I get!" People want what I have, but they don't want the sacrifice to get it.
My goal is to wake up happy every day. To impact the way the other people live and to inspire others. Nice car, a beautiful house I like, but there are more important things like family and legacy...
Oh, one more thing...Happy wife = happy life :D

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have already tried three different jobs, but still, I haven't found what I am looking for. I tried to be a businessman with 3D printed things, but it was a failure. I wanted to be a gym trainer bur, so many injuries put me on the workout causally bench. I wanted to be a professional musician, but I haven't found a good people to cooperate with, and I ended my solo career after two years when I was just a “play on parties and in local pubs for tips and free drinks” guy. Then I started my blog, and I did some writing about Crypto related projects and a few Interviews with famous CEOs and first birds of good fortune float above my head. In the meantime, I do a study of trading and investing and playing on Bitmex with few bucks. My dream is to be a real deal trader and crypto blogger with an attitude to help the people around me to become successful in trading. When I take a look into my past over my shoulder, maybe I just didn't want to succeed as bad as I wanted to breathe. That's why you fail and abandon your goal after a few hard hits right into your face. What do you think about that?

I think this is the most important thing! How bad do you want to succeed? And then, why do you want to succeed? If you don't have a heavy, deep reason WHY then when times get tough (and they certainly will) you will give up.
For me, I hated the thought of living a mediocre life and wasting the opportunities I have around me. Life is too short to focus on failures and have regrets!

What was a source of your energy and motivation to keep moving on since you have four unsuccessful attempts under your belt already?

Two things. One is my family and children. I think about teaching them to believe in your dreams, work hard, never give up! But telling them with words only is not enough. I must show them with an example. Number two is, I want to live a life that impacts others in a positive way. YOU CANNOT TAKE MONEY WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE Amen bro(Mickey edit)! The only thing you leave behind is what you did for other people.

What would you advise to a man who gets be frustrated from all his failures but he rolling just for keep on rolling but he can't see the light on the end of a tunnel (happy ending, not his death)? I remember you saying to me: “Be grateful.”

Remember, being frustrated is GOOD! That means you will be motivated to change. It had to be comfortable with the mediocre life. If you study how a Pearl is made then we can see that it is because of something irritating like a grain of sand gets into an oyster. The oyster secretes a substance called Nacre which turns into a Pearl.

What if a man doesn't know what his dream business should be? You think this is a sure sign that this man should leave this business making for those who know?

I don't have a dream business. I have a business that can make my dreams come true.
Don't always look for the perfect business but do what you're good at and use that to fulfill your real dreams.
If you sacrifice, work hard and never give up, you can achieve what you never thought possible.

Do you agree that: “Great perils yield Great beauty”? I think this should be right since there is a big difference in between knowing the right path and the following it for real.

YES! This is very true. Let me explain it with a quote: Noone has ever lived an easy life whose name is worth remembering. Nothing good comes with ease.

So you just need to step away from your comfort zone, is that right? You need to go out, crash, try, fail, survive, fail, switch to Immortality mode, win, fail, win, win and then just: “Wake up-Reave-Repeat”?

Yes. Because think about this. If you don't you won't be fulfilled anyway. Like I love to say “I would much rather failures than regrets”.
I ask myself one very important question: If I was sick and the doctor gave me 24 hours to live, would I wish I could change anything in my past?
If not then, that is the success to me!

How can a man find out what is his purpose and what is his dream job when he seeks this for a few years, but he is still a wanderer on his path to redemption and self-realization? If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll wind up somewhere you never wanted to be.

The truth is that most people don't know where they want to be and for me, it's not about trying to find the perfect, exact things I should be doing but rather I should give 100% and my whole heart to what I can do right now. This will open up the path to other adventures that will be more satisfying.

Maybe if you don't know what you want…..then it's possible that you already have it, but you are just not realizing it?

Possible. I believe being thankful and grateful each day for what we have now will bring Joy and peace in our lives. This will also help to see clearly where we are and what we want for the future.

What is all about the principle of setting yourself goals which are so high, that you are almost aiming for the moon and when you miss the moon, it's still ok cause you ended up in between the stars.

“Most people don’t fail in life because they aim too high and miss. They fail in life because they aim TOO LOW and HIT!..”
Aim high always.

How does your day look like when you were an employee and how does your life changed since you are a business owner?

The biggest change is the sense of freedom. Living life on your terms as much as you can. Also TIME. I have purchased time. How Do You Ask? Because instead of spending 50,60,70 hours a week doing something I hate away from my family, now I can spend more time at home.

Ok, so, do you think if I am still an employee who is in work for 8,5 hour per day and I am also writing articles for few bucks and also learning how to trade and invest… this enough? Should I do something more? Or at some point, you need to tell yourself: Calm down, Rome was not built in a day?

Yes. Balance is very important. The world would not exist without balance! But remember this. “Laziness is resting before you are tired” lol You must check your heart to know you are doing all you can do but at the same time not burn yourself out or become busy just to be busy. This is not productive.

I think that the most important task in man's life is to raise their children well and with the intention to make them candor, make a best possible start for their journey ahead, and prepare them for their life, passing all your experience. What would you like to pass to your children and how would you like to see them grow?

“The most important thing is not what you leave “FOR” your children but what you leave “IN” your children. Pass on wisdom, kindness, knowledge, tenacity, faith, belief, perseverance and money will come.

Do you have a morning routine on how to start another successful day?

COFFEE most important! Lol and knock back a few coldies when you are as dry as a dead dingos donga? :) (mickey edit) Hahahahahaha. But also like to go to the gym and, if you can go early, go early. It's better.
I spent 2 years going to the gym before work at 5 AM 5 days a week. The heater broke on my car and I didn't fix it on purpose because I wanted to suffer and persevere every morning. Others make excuse why its cold and they can't go early but I wanted to overcome my comfort. Now I still go but I don't need to go so early lol.

What about the routine that can improve your mood. Do you have something like this? I have one myself. I imagine me sitting in some calm space surrounded with a transparent oval blue “power like” shield zone. After a few deep breaths, I am starting to recite: I am indestructible, there is plenty of everything for everyone, and I am in control of my moods. Then I begin to think about all my life victories, happy moments, goal achievements. Then I saw a label on the terminal screen in front of me: Your mood is about to be upgraded. I continue diving in this kind and happy emotions for a while and then I say: Upgrade complete. When you open your eyes, you will realize by yourself that you are feeling better. For anybody interested in enhancing your lifestyle and inherit a healthy mindset, go and read Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. It's a perfect one if you don't know where to start.

As I said the gym, but for me also my faith and prayer are big for me. Meditating on positive things, motivating things. And read always. Try to read one book per month at least.

If I would have 4000 USD to spare and I would decide to invest it properly, what would have been your recommendation?

The most important thing you can invest in is YOUR BRAIN. Educate yourself. The mind is like a muscle, you can strengthen it and develop it. For me, I also first invest in a good index fund like s&p500 ETF and leave it for retirement. Diversify and don't put all your money/eggs in one basket.

How did you get involved in Cryptocurrencies?

I have seen a video of bitcoin on youtube and I went down the rabbit hole of learning.

What makes the most significant difference between the Crypto market and Stock for you?

They are both investments for me but they are very different which I like because its more diversification. Crypto is new, exciting and has big potential for growth. Stocks for me are the more steady long term.

What kind of advice would you give to younger Rob now?

Believe more, Start investing earlier much earlier. Save 10% of every dollar you earn even if you have to go hungry!!! Invest that money for retirement.

Can you tell us something about the most adventurous trip you have ever made, please?

I went to the USA and traveled seen many amazing things. I love the USA mindset to Dream big believe BIG

What is the most inspiring book you have ever read?

The richest man in Babylon by far!

What advice would the younger Rob give you? :)

Nothing, the younger Rob is dumber than older Rob!

I wanted to ask you if you are willing to write down your Coda and summarize for our readers your thoughts. Also, provide us with top 10 tips a man can do for improving a quality of his life. That's all my friend. If so, the article will be ready today and you and your story will be written into the blockchain for eternity. You and your story will become immortal. Like stars...they are shining through space for our eyes even though they are dead for a hundred years.

My top ten would be: Save, Plan, Invest, Trade, Do gym, Be grateful, Dream big, Have a day schedule, Set your goals, Do your maximum for reaching them, Don't be afraid of failing, Learn to improve your mood over a day, Live in the present moment, get a rid of false believe you are wearing like a backpack loaded with shit wherever you go and Support your family. Also, read Gorilla Mindset from Mike Cernovich and The Truth from Neil Strauss since they are the best book to read if you are still under the 30.

Ok ok, my dude. Here is my coda:

Rob`s top Ten:

  1. Believe, believe, believe. If someone else can succeed you can too.

  2. Meditate and focus on positive things. Stay positive and distance yourself from negativity. Avoid the news channels and newspapers!!!

  3. Read, Read, Read. Invest in your brain. Read biographies of people who overcame incredible odds and succeeded.

  4. Exercise regularly. 4-5 times a week. Eat unprocessed food and don't drink fizzy soda! To succeed you need energy and junk food weighs and slows you down.

  5. Develop good relationships that are NOT TOXIC. Be around people that are positive and believe in you.

  6. Dream big, write down your goals on paper. Long, medium and short-term goals and how you can achieve them.

  7. BE GENEROUS! People who help others are happy. Give to those in need.

  8. Save 10% of every dollar that ever comes into your life! Never ever spend it until later in life. Even if you live on bread and water DO NOT SPEND IT.

  9. Invest regularly even if small amounts and Diversify your assets don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  10. Probably most important of all. Find your purpose. I do not believe I'm am here by accident. We are created with purpose and destiny. Leave a Legacy, Leave an impact and leave this world better than you found it...

*Signing off Rob!*

The conclusion by the author

My final words will be: Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be scared of losing.
If you need to fail before you will hit your dreams, do it now, do it quick.
Ask your self: What I can achieve if I can push my fear away?
Everything that is worthy of something in your life lays out of your comfort zone, and dont forget that doubts are the biggest liar in your life.

Do your research, stay save, consult with others and then dart towards achieving your goals and focus on the positive aspects of your dream life.
Read books, learn your philosophy, but then go out there and practice it in real life with real people.

I want to thank you to Rob for his story and lot of good and wise notions.
That's all from me to you for today. Have a nice weekend and cya in a few weeks.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Good read, but I can't follow the recommendation of go to the Gym... ewww.


Haha, yeah, I hate it sometimes, but the workout is the only thing which can save my day from a bad mood and overreacting. That's it. But if you don't like to workout, play some football! :)

If you have something with a value that can help to other people, please do share it with us. Have a good one. Mickey