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Hello everybody. In today's article, we will take a look at a new cryptocurrency phenomenon called LTO Network. This project, same as famous Quant Network, aims for bringing the mass adoption of blockchain technology into our everyday lives. In the last 14 days, this project made up an incredible jump off over 500% and has been marked as a "1 USD/per token reachable" blockchain solution.
Another thing I like so far about LTO is that the team is genuine, honest, and transparent. An example I love is the Proof of Transparency coming from the LTO Team since you have access to all their signed deals with their clients including Deloitte and many others right here.
As you can see, it's going hot in here. So, let's take a closer look at it.

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The Review

LTO Network, a company registered in the Netherlands, is a rare example in cryptocurrency and blockchain based project`s inventory where we are combining two important aspects. The first aspect is a strong and experienced team that can deliver a solution with very little competition, and the second aspect is excellent token economics with a lock-up period which is really interesting for the investors. Another great ingredient of this project is the fact of being easily integrated into existing business models. Their product could be framed as a blockchain based GDPR system with Business to Busines (B2B) infrastructure.

LTO Network is already helpful in this case as it is helping to reduce the amount of paperwork for several stakeholders in the execution of the process. By combining private and public layers, it allows organizations to meet GDPR and data privacy requirements while preventing scalability issues typically associated with blockchain projects. LTO Network could be a way to leverage the potential of the blockchain tech to its maximum limits, when solves the main problems aka " lack of practical applications" and "scalability amongst the others." It is a platform that strives to enhance the practice use of blockchain technology in human life through their hybrid decentralized workflows system for small and large scale enterprises. LTO Network replaces smart contracts with Live Contracts, which define both on-chain logic and off-chain instructions and aiming their focus on multinationals and governments and their GDPR compliance.

The consensus mechanism behind LTO will be LPOI governance model (Leased proof of importance) which should be implemented during Q2-Q3. This consensus mechanism necessitated users to stake 10% of the total staked tokens. Such a user will get rewarded for validating blocks. At the moment, LTO Network operates with Fair Leased Proof of stake. Using the LTO Live contracts (similar to a smart contract), we can enhance Business to Busines collaboration by enabling the business process or legal agreements to be automated.

LTO Live contract doesn't hold information about the specific value as a smart contract does, but it holds the information about how two parties should interact instead. In other words, a Live Contract is a workflow. A workflow is a sequence of related steps or processes that are necessary to complete a particular task.


  • The concept of functionality for LTO Network can be split into two layers

LTO layers.PNG

Layer Two (Private layer) = Event chain (ad-hoc private blockchain)

The private layer is for data sharing, process automation, and collaboration. LTO's ad-hoc private chains are based on the logic of extended finite state machine (a mathematical model of computation) and that logic is based on the logic of a process. Those permissionless private chains contain their own workflow with its own logic for a live contract, which can be applied in a trustless and verifiable way.

Live contracts defined the workflows as Extended finite state machine which makes visualizing the workflow possible through flowcharts and make the logic in the live contracts understandable for humans and computers at the same time.

Layer One (Public layer) = Public LTO chain for data sharing, process automation and collaboration between organizations

It is the permissionless public global blockchain, and the security/settlement layer. The public layer acts as a security settlement layer, like an immutable digital notary for hashes of Layer Two (a distributed hash table, of a sort). This hybrid approach makes LTO Network GDPR and data privacy compliant, as well as extremely scalable. In communication between two companies, each response from a party is wrapped in an event which can be viewed as a block with a single action. The sequence of these events forms a HasChain that is shared between the parties. To ensure nobody can falsify or forge events of others, each event is signed using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm from each party.
The purpose of this layer is to supports Live contracts and Event chains.

Market Cap and Matrics information

  • Those numbers are dynamic since swaps occur daily by the community

LTO matrics.PNG

Circulating cap = 3,974,626.15 USD
Diluted Circulating cap = 12,704,735.61
Valuation = 43,906,212.87 USD

Market Cap = circulating ERC-20 tokens X token price
Diluted Market Cap = all sold tokens X token price
Network Valuation = total tokens ever X token price

GitHub activity and Customers

LTO Network activity on GitHub is really good and the same goes for their customer's list which holds items like The Dutch Ministry of Justice,
Ministry of Infrastructure & the Belgium Ministry of Infrastructure.

Also, they have some serious companies on the board too:
CMS, Deloitte, Heineken,, Stena, Firm24, Merin & EURONEXT


Other interesting mentions


With that been said, its time for me to say my goodbye and wish you luck with all your investments. LTO Network is already on the move, but since there is so much space to grow, you should maybe consider buying some tokens in the dips since the price is still undervalued. Remember that investing in a crypto project is your own responsibility and always invest only the money that you are willing to lose. Also, bear in mind that BTC drops can ruin all the fun. So stay safe and be master of your life. Go and seek the answers for your further questions at their Telegram.


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