Free 500 USD to every new person that joins new cryptocurrency exchange!!

3년 전

Hi Steemer's!The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges,closes doors for new users,but this one is just the opposite!
It's the new exchange,it's not up yet.They are giving 500 USD to every new member that signs up.So why not take it? :)

They will be up in 17 days.
Thank you if you sign up as my referral!
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Hey sir. Hopefully, you will be doing well. Sir, i have heard that this coin is fake. I am not sure but i have heard from some people. I will be thankful if you provide guidance.


This is not a coin,it's cryptocurrency exchange site.


I see. I also a currency by the name of Upcoin. That's why i thought it is the same.

Can we sign up now or should we wait?

Can we sign up now? Thanks for the heads up. Joy