Why i mine "shitty coins"?And is it possible to make money by mining them?

3년 전

New cryptocurrencies are released every day,and all new coins start their life on Bitcoin forum;Announcements (altcoins).
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=159.0
So this is the best place to visit and search for any new released coins.
Is it possible to make some money with mining new alt coins?I think it is.There are tons of new coins,and i will chose only one example,this is what i mining now:

BITD (Bitdirect)

Link to the Bitcoinforum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1857875.0

This is how mining pool looks like:


This is just one of many new "alt" coins,and there is nothing special that i can say about this coin.It has no value,it's not listed on any exchange.
I started mining BITD,month ago.I mine only with CPU,and i use only 2 CPU cores to mine,so my system stay's stable,and i can use computer normally.
And only with CPU,i find blocks every day.One block reward is 10.000 BITD coins.I already hear your screaming;why do you mine this shit!?it's useless!
Well..maybe,for now.In about 1 month,i mined 7.815.976 of BITD coins,and when,and if this coin gets listed on some better exchange i can potentially make good money.
And if i get extremely lucky,maybe i can earn BIG!How?
If this coin gets listed at starting price at 1 Satoshi,i will make easy 0.07815976 BTC.
At 10 satoshi,i will make 0.7815976 BTC.This is not bad,considering investment of only 2 CPU cores in this coin.And if..some whale,decides to pump this coin,this is where big reward is.
Ok,this is only if...but i think its worth to try.You never know.

The only down side of mining new coins is stability.Many new coins are unstable.For example;the miner won't work,wallet is almost always stuck,it can't sync with network,the pool gets stuck..
Always some problems.But for me,it's fun.You never know if you get lucky with some new coin,it's like searching for gold,Sometimes you find some little nuggets,most of the time you get nothing,and if you are really lucky,you strike "golden vein".

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This is a very clever suggestion! Im building a mining rig at the moment, and to me it makes sense to utilise the CPU as well. Particularly, as you said, if its only using 2 cores. Going to look into this more!


As i said,you never know..you might get lucky! :)

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Vruk ti štrukle zel , imaš ti nekaj vu glovi, suvišnu inteligenciju ;P