Interpol Has Stopped 78 percent of Cryptojacking in Southeast Asia


 Not often do I get a warm and fuzzy feeling about cybersecurity.  In almost all cases the news is bad.  This is a rare occasion.  

Thanks to Interpol, Southeast Asia saw a 78% decrease in cryptojacking!  That is truly amazing! 

Cryptojacking often involves cybercriminals hacking business servers and consumers PC's to run cryptomining software that then rewards the attacker.  The victim pays with systems resources, network bandwidth, and electricity and the criminal receives cryptocurrency over time. 

In this case Interpol has shut down some key infrastructure components that have undermined much of the cryptojacking in Southeast Asia. 

The bad news is that often these actions don't last very long as cybercriminals tend to reorganize quickly and get their networks back up and running.  To them, time is money so they respond with all haste.   

I will be keep an eye on this as I hope this interdiction has a lasting impact and we see a permanent reduction in unauthorized cryptocurrency mining and victimization.  

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Sounds like anti-abuse on Steem. It’s a never ending game of whack-a-mole.


So true. Attackers are a creative and highly motivated crowd.