Poloniex is Shutting Down for U.S. Customers


Customers were notified by email today that Polonies is spinning-out from Circle and will be winding down exchange access to U.S. customers.The new company will be called Polo Digital Assets Ltd.  

Key dates for U.S. customers:

  • November 1st 2019:  Trades and deposits will stop
  • December 15th 2019: Access and withdraws will stop

More information can be found on the Poloniex blog on Medium 

U.S customers should withdraw assets as soon as possible before the December 15th date! 

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Another exchange abandons the U.S. market!

Another one bites the dust. Decentralized exchanges are starting to appear though. There is no technical reason why centralized exchanges need to exist and banks are also being slowly phased out in favor of peer to peer methods.

I know you are aware of the TEE/trusted execution environment with your background. It is only a matter of time really before exchanges become peer to peer.