12 Sites I Like to Use About Crypto

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The cryptocurrencies, enabled by the blockchain revolution have created a vast ecosystem today. The term "crypto world," which we often use, expresses how wide, original and independent this area is. It's not easy to recognize this world with its own rules, culture, and media. There are more than three thousand cryptocurrencies, tens of exchanges, lots of different technologies and hundreds of different use cases. I have compiled different sites/apps that you can use to get to know the crypto world.


A news site that you can use to track what's going on in the crypto world. I like the illustrations on the site; sometimes I even click only to look at the illustrations.


Another site where you can follow Crypto news. Blockchain 101 menu is a kind of guide for those who have stepped into this world.


CryptoShorts app aggregates news from top global sources like Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Bitcoinist and summarises them in short. The in-app feature lets you filter your news according to your interests and needs.

A crypto enthusiast seeking the latest news in regards to Ethereum may select the Ethereum topic to view news on that cryptocurrency alone on My feed. Similarly, if one wants to personalize and display news on ICO, can choose the ICO. The app is available on both Android and IOS.


Technical analysis enthusiasts can love this site. You can practically follow the technical indicators of the cryptocurrency that you are interested in.


A site that contains valuable information that I did not see on any other site, such as the number of accounts and active users of tokens that are issued on the Ethereum. It is also possible to filter Ethereum-based tokens operating on a specific subject via the site.


It's a site where all the coins are listed, and price movements can be tracked. I like the graphics. Daily historical price data can be accessed via the website.


It was the first site I used to track Crypto prices. I still use this site to look at the price of Steem. I like the way they give the information. They provide the data in a minimalist way.


Sometimes asking the right question is more important than creating answers, and we don't always know the right question. Questions and answers to these questions help to understand the issue better. This is also true for the crypto world.


I don't think there's much to say. One of the essential mediums of the crypto world.


The main feature of the site is that it brings people interested in niche areas together. It is possible to get information on the Reddit, especially about the coins less known and have few investors.


A site dedicated to active, upcoming and ended ICOs.


The Reuters screen of cryptos. You can track the important news about a specific coin easily from the site.

Thanks for reading.

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My daily checklist lol.

The most useful steemit post since ages

I like coinmarket in particular.

Excellent Post, any crypto head uses all of these sites, here are some more that I use with great success; ATHCoinindex.com and Masternodes.online

trivial.co looks amazing. Will check it out soon.


Yes, it is genuine

Hi @muratkbesiroglu,
This's my site : https://coinxscreener.com
web app for crypto market


Hi @coinxscreener I examined your site and added to my favorites.


Thank you very much !! LOVE

You included pretty much everything. Besides what you've mentioned, I'm also checking:
https://coinmarketcal.com/ (for events)
https://athcoinindex.com/ (for stats)
https://coingossip.io/#r_cryptocurrency (for trends)

Cheers! ✋

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As with most posts on Steem :(

Excellent blog, like always.

Have a lovely and successful day.

Regards from Florida! :D


Thank you. Regards from Istanbul :)


Thank you so much @muratkbesiroglu :D

ICO Bench, Coinmarketcal and also Bitcoin.com also should be listed here.

A digital currency (or digital money) is computerized resource intended to fill in as a medium of trade that utilization solid cryptography to anchor monetary exchanges, control the making of extra units, and confirm the exchange of advantages.

Important news share i always use binance and follow coinmarketcap

Good post. upvoted, followed and resteemed.thumsup1.png

all in one very usefull

Use several of these, good listing. Also the "CryptoNews" app on iphone, I use that the most, all-in-one app for news and marketcap.

Very useful and complete, allows you to have a broad view of the world of cryptocurrencies and to be aware of the news that arise every day.

Bookmarked, thank you for sharing useful set of links.

I know only few of these, Thank you for the information ! It will help to explore crypto, deeply

You might some of my posts of interest guys, on my wp blog.

thank you very much for the information I hope it will be of help to those who use this service

Very informative. Am even going through the post again writing down the site to make sure I don't miss any. I will take time to go through each one of them.

Thank you.

I like your post. Thanks for sharing this valuable post to everyone.


I like your post. Thanks
For sharing this valuable
Post to everyone.

                 - ohiduzzaman

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Great blog, thanks for sharing.

I personally use 6/7 of these sites. I am a massive fan of Quora.

valuable content, thanks for sharing , upvoted too


What do you mean?

Thank you for the information, this is very helpful. .

thanks for sharing this site information your post is all time help me


Thanks for sharing this
Site information your post
Is all time help me

                 - amritmahal

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Thanks for the motivation post about steem , I like your article. i want to hard work here for bright future.

Hi @muratkbesiroglu couple of sites our of your list I have been using since long and for remaining I will check of these could be useful for me. Will see if I can get useful information out of them. Thanks for sharing the news. Good work. Keep updating us.

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wow..... Excellent listing,, lols. i don't even know some of this.

Thanks for Sharing

I read your this blog article before i don't now these website grate information share with us Thanks.Have a grate day and your success

Interesting and useful article for crypto lovers.waiting for more creations!

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Nice recapitulation of crypto news web site.

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Great content. Really love this, an abundance of great information for a crypto junkie like me.

very good information, thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Thanks for sharing these websites.......i am using coin market cap right know ...and i will look other websites now.....


News aggregators should help a lot

From the social network Reddit is very useful.

Nice list of sites! Im currently using most, but will have to try the others out!

Hey @muratkbesiroglu , very informative post.. my upvote to you !! :-) Few websites are familiar but few are new to me. You can also check out this website called https://walletinvestor.com/forecast This website actually predicts the price of cryptocurrencies from 14 days to 5 years. You can get other information as well !! Cheers :-)Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.42.27 PM.png


WalletInvestor is great but if you want to see forecasts of less popular cryptocurrencies, they have it only for a few following months at best. I also found this one https://tradingbeasts.com/crypto/ which has very solid price predictions as well and they are always for at least 3 years.

it was a very excellent blog to knowing about crypto currency.
Thak you so much for doing this My friend.
Actually i am new in here so can you help me ?

Thanks for the information, I will review each page you recommend

This world of cryptocurrency is really moving fast.

Dear author, I really like your content! You’re writing in a very interesting manner!
I think my last post will also be interesting for you

Please, upvote it! I’ve upvoted yours in advance.

great websites for crypto news and research

Great post... So insightful... Will follow it

Nice list of resources! Bookmarked for future reference

Thanks for the heads up on cryptopanic.com, wasn't aware of that one.

Is Gab on a blockchain?

Great sites! Thank you for sharing mate!

well its nice that you are using this sites but its not good that you are promoting this sites here

Añadi Coinranking a mis marcadores para estar al tanto de los precios de las criptomonedas.

Hello, it really is a must-see daily visit for traders. Great post!

amazing and very helpful blog @muratkbesiroglu 🙂

It is always interesting to get insight from another person about their crypto checking habits. Thanks for sharing

Cryptocurrency is deflationary it could by no means be strong... if any individual cryptocurrency will become the de facto method of foreign money it'll nevertheless take over 20 years for it to stabilize. Or even then perhaps never.

i really appreciate your time and efforts to gather this data and bring to me , it will be of really good help , thank you , looking forward to work with you , if you have any project that can be done from home , kindly me know.Currently i am working on steemit platform and Trading crypto, both of them are not profitable for me.For me steemit earning is very slow or good to nothing until I invest , and for trading if I can invest good amount in crypto then i can look at profit, which is not possible.

Thanks for sharing..

This is a great article, thank you for sharing this information!

Very good information in your article about the sites you mentioned. I will certainly use some of the sites you mentioned. Thanks for sharing such good quality content.

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Very educative post

For me, personally, Cointelegraph is the best source of crypto news.

How is this post worth $231??

Nice and helpful post. All sites are really helpfully because I joined steemit after checking his detail in coinmarketcap

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i reallly like it

nive information bro

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Thanks a lot for giving important

Very informative article. Thanks for sharing

As usual great post contain good stuff
Most useful information in a single blog
We don't need to explore web we can use these websites to know about cryptocurrency
What's going on in this field
Mostly I use coin telegraph for latest crypto news
Coin market cap to know about price ATH and Historical data of crypto coins
In this article you suggest many of other websites
Now I start to use them to gather more information about cryptocurrency

Thanks for this valuable information

excellent post

You didn't mentioned BEST CRYPTO SITE for traders and investors. Without this site you damned to lose money on crypto

What do you recommend?
I use coinmarketcap for everything, but I would like to have another opinion


There are alternatives in the article. For example coinranking.com

Lol most of these are my bookmarks and my first thing when I open my laptop .


👍👍 They are right picks then

  ·  2년 전



I only use these two.

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coincapmarket to check on desktop and my mobile.
coindesk for news.
binance to trade.

Thankyou for the information about all these sites...it's really helpful@muratkbesiroglu