Today's crypto market 7 Oct, 2018


Hello guys

From a few months there is no big changes on crypto market. Today Bitcoin is at 6584$ which is almost same from a month. Etherium is at 224$, Xrp is at 0.47$ which was very low in previous month but this month some rise. Bitcoin Cash is 510$ that has no more change from a few months.
EOS is at 5.74$, Stellar is at 0.24$, Litecoin is at 57.66$ previous month it was below than 50$. Steem is strugging from a few months. Today steem is at 0.92$. But at this bear market the real gainer is Dogecoin. From a months before it was below than 3$ but this month it's up down to 5-6$ thats a big achievement for doge investors. Hope the market will be rise again in the end of the year like 2017. Si guys invest more in cryptos and be a rich man.

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