Why I like Grin.

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The past few months have been bitter sweet for cryptos. We have seen the price of bitcoin increase and adoption improving. Along with that, we have seen governments around the world resist bitcoin and cryptos while they secretly hoard them with plans to “takeover” bitcoin. Sometimes it can feel like the walls are closing in for the true believers in crypto. There is hope, and this is why I like Grin. Grin is an open source software project that implements a MimbleWimble blockchain. It has a host of unbelievable features for privacy and ease of use. It offers fast transactions powered by the lightning network, Atomic swaps, There are no addresses, no amounts, and transactions can take place offline.
Grin is designed to be Internet money just like bitcoin was intended to be before it became a store of value. Part of the reason why bitcoin became a store of value was its cap on the creation of coins which is why there is no cap on the amount of Grin that will be produced. One Grin is created every second and will continue that schedule for its existence. The Grin Foundation has made adjustments to its mining algorithm so that there isn’t any advantage for asics and GPU miners can take part in the mining of Grin. This project has loads of potential, the possibilities are endless. Check out Grins website https://grin-tech.org/ for more info. The current price of Grin is around $3.05.

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grin is cool but i didnt buy much

Grin coin has definitely had interesting journey since it was launched earlier this year. Development work is still ongoing and they have just had their first network upgrade via a hard fork successfully with no issues.
While it is still difficult to use, hopefully it can deliver true digital cash.

We also did a coverage on it in our Q1 report when Grin was launched https://assets.coingecko.com/reports/2019-Q1-Report/CoinGecko-2019-Q1-Report.pdf

Very interesting and summarized information about Grin :)

Thanks for this Good analysis of this coin (Grin).

The anonymity is great but it's really hard to judge an atl

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The Mimble wimble tech is so great , but i doubt the success of Grin just because of it's infinite Supply , which will lead to enormous inflation over time . As a tech it is great but as a investment i don't think it is

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I love this project's logo design so much!

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