Ripple Effect: legal request forces to close

2년 전

Operators of the crypto coin faucet has been forced to close the site after receiving a legal request from lawyers representing Ripple Labs to cease use of the Ripple logo and name.

Not easily put off, the operators of the faucet are launching a revision of the site, already operational, that will not bear the term Ripple or the Ripple logo, at least not as it was originally conceived.

"In 48 hours this site will shut down and be replaced by my artistic rendering of Ripple Labs and their lawyer henchmen sodomizing the little man."

Existing Balances Have Been Preserved

All claims and account balances have been transferred to the revised site operating under the new domain name
This new site such be accessible at the time you read this post, pending global DNS update replication.

Reflecting On The Ripples

In response to the request by lawyers for Ripple Labs the faucet site operators stated that the legal action:

"...reflects poorly on Ripple Labs and suggests that they are no different from the big banks they serve. You have been warned... "

An image of the notification on the faucet site at the locus of this attention is below:


I came upon this while solving a problem presented to me regarding faucet sites that fail to retain coin public keys (receiving address) after making a claim, requiring the user to re-enter the key over and over. I will post articles on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox solutions to this issue over the next few days, so stay tuned, and as always, STEEM ON!

This article is provided as-is for informational purposes only, I neither condone or condemn the use of faucets, browser plugins/extensions, or JavaScript.

Questions and comments are welcomed in the replies. If you'd like to see more articles like this then ^vote and resteem. Considerable effort has gone into researching, testing, graphics capture/edit, and formatting for this article.

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