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flagged for disagreement on rewards.

wait , Dash is not a shitcoin its' anonymity coin too


Masternodes 😞 Not really a dark coin anymore seems they want the best of everything without having to work for it Privacy, speed and low cost transactions good luck with that now that we have bulletproofs running.


Shitcoin with marketing budget which inend to make you believe it’s anonimous while it is not.


I am a mongoose if DASH is anonymous.

just buy ESCL XZC STEEM LTC and few others i mention and... wait!


LTC has no long term future compared to Bitcoin, are you planing on holding it for long?


i have it since 2-4 USD, of course i did sell some on upsides but mostly rebought too


Not asking your entry point, what more are you expecting from it?


It has x5 volatility so next hype it earns x5 compared to bitcoin.
Not a champion on this matter - e.g. STEEM has x15 at least.


I agree with you on LTC. I was a big fan a year ago, but now it appears to be undergoing a slow death.

  ·  3년 전

Good start. You should keep going. The CMC top 100 is filled with memes and garbage.

I saw the title and was looking forward to reading this post as I think there is a ton of value in this sort of thing. I am disappointed with the content. Good idea, bad execution.

Crypto currency would be good in every run , long short and medium term I am with you

What about the STEEM one?


i was wondering the same.

I tend to agree with these notes. Bitcoin is the only one with true valur and the others are either too aggressive and just haven't faced the problems bitcoin already has. Time will show what has true value.

SEN is the best shitcoin for the month of november.

This is really accurate, although I think only a ponzi-scheme/ scam (Bitconneeeeeect) deserves a "Do not touch" label + they are all still kind of experimental


Bitconnect doesn't really exist anymore.

Venezuelan use crypto as replacement of Bavarian due to fiat hyperinflation.

legit! i agree with this.

OMG this is is amazing lol
Some of them are a bit harsh but not bad. I'll give a 8/10


Looks pretty fair to me, I will also give 8/10!

Seems pretty accurate to me! What do you consider to be good, worthwhile coins?

  ·  3년 전

Low rates of cryptocurrencies this year,
I hope this will change at the end of the year

I would like to see how this post ages. Just to see the shit-storm it will create either way.

Will be back in a year, don't mind me.

"Roger Ver´s little game"...
I guess that this game will survive for long... much long than as anyone can or believe. They've great developers from them side. I remember that one of them had fixed and bug on BTC...


I think you're right, I'm expecting some resistance for BCH arround 0.01BTC

Chinese bitcoin clone, used to be called antshares 15 NEO
Original ethereum blockchain, practically a stablecoin 16 ETC
African bitcoin clone, gateway to ICOs in Africa 17 NEM
Privacy based blockchain with it's own technology 19 ZCASH
Bitcoin clone started as a joke 21 DOGE
forks are dumb; 22nd in market cap? shit where are my old keys 22 BTG


How is ETC a stablecoin?


NEO seems to be a lot more than just "bitcoin clone".

They have smart contracts like Ethereum with the difference that it is virtually free to operate small dapps. Smart contracts can be written in both C# and Python. There have support for NFT (Non-fungible tokens - think ERC 721) and Fungible tokens (think ERC 20) and more interesting features. It is not fair to say they are a Bitcoin clone :)

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