Niki on NOX | All Nikita NOX Promos in One Article ...ENJOY! | NOX TOKEN PRE-SALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS

3년 전

Bitcoin has Andreas Antonopooulos, Ethereum has @vitalik-buterin, BCASH has @rogerkver, Bitconnect has @Trevonjb and Nitro NOX Token has Niki Nichadev, our Head of Communications. Many of you have expressed that you want to see more Niki, while you wait for your NOX Tokens to moon. Well here it is, your moment of Zen.


Behind the scenes footage of Niki and the Nitro team attending BlockShow events can be found on the Nitro.Live Instagram Account



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I'm all in when anything unites the world and this is one opportunity to do so.


really this opportunity realize you..@javybar

This girl is hot. Who is she again?


She is the physical embodiment of the quality of the Nitro NOX token as an investment.


I wish she’s still single. *wink *wink 😉


I'm ready to buy any shit coin she's pushing!


yes she is.

She is really one of the top notch marketing strategists on the planet. Plus she's gorgeous :)


Yah I also know that I appreciate your comments @creatovert 👍👍


Thanks bro... followed you :)


I also same

If I hadn't just learned about all these coins the past few days I would jump on this. I can't find anywhere to buy ether without waiting like 10 days to receive it


There is always the crowdsale in December.


Yup, that is the plan! :)

NOX is an amazing opportunity, VR and Cryptocurrency together is a winning combo. This is the future of gaming. Great post, am going to resteem! Thanks

Nice anchoring explaining very well.

Excellent publication very beautiful ¡photos taken!.

this women looks fine- bought!

this moment your blog video watching now..i realize and gain knowledge...i absolutely appreciate your, Great Post, I really like this information, Good Job !!!

I love the actress and the movie called nikita I love this season series to watch

How is this different to GameCredits?


If GameCredits can be easily converted to fiat and earned at a competitive enough rate to work as a legitimate income, and if they are tied to a stable currency traded on exchanges but backed by a public company with institutional investors, and if they are a part of a network used for the funding and development of new innovative video games free of censorship or industry limitation, then there is absolutely no difference.


It seems like they are very similar.


Coin Market Cap will say otherwise.


We shall see. I wish your project the best.

Its amazing

wow.This is a very beautifull girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice anchoring explaining very well.

revolution is everywhere!

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Really nice looking presenter very captive.

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Hey guys, not sure you want to lump yourselves into the same bin as bitconnect. It's highly successful at the moment AND highly suspect.

Remember that old saying about things being too good to be true? 1-3% daily gains definitely qualify.


She is a professional communicator! All the best for your business!

Is she stl single i

i think nothing is new in this ico many others ico have the same idea?
we need new idea to support the ico

Nice! "A chain is only strong because of its links".

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Good looks sells...

This is really interesting I'd love to get involved and be part of what you are creating could you check out my latest post and let me know what you think?

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Best post .... I like it .😊👌
I will reblog your post ....

whouw she is so smoking hot i'm buying because of her

She is so good looking who cares what she is talking about all I can do is stare!

Niki is so sweet!! Please say my hi to her! :)

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how stupid are they to put THIS as a head of communication when they want to reach crypto guys?
embarrassing how much fiat money is still owned by stupid dinosaurs.

happy failing

better deactivate all comments on your yt videos. damn stupid failures :D

Excellent videos, well produced a bit too much acting but very well described, I will pitch this to some of 3er year students at my university and see if some of them try to introduce their video game companies to NOX and Nitro.

Incredible all the work that surrounds this.
Interesting no doubt

a very useful article!

Great vids, keep it up!

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