IncinBot Community Update #6

3년 전

IncinBot Community Update #6


What are we? We are a community based discord bot that strives to help all of the new steemians and minnows new to the steem platform. We strive to create a group of individuals who help promote and share each others posts!

How it Works

The bot, like stated previously will be used to enable the community aspect of steemit. Instead of sending a bit of money and receiving an upvote by 1 person in return, you will be able to share your post to the rest of the community and get upvotes and potential followers based on the quality of the content. When it comes to your contribution to the community it is quite simple. All you have to do is previous to sharing your own post, you must recently have upvoted someone else prior to it.

What Stops Those From Only Sharing Their Posts

We plan to have approximately 50-75 people per room, which will enable us to make sure people are heeding to the rules. In order for you to share your post, 10-15 minutes prior to such, you would need to have upvoted another person's post. Once you have upvoted, you must send a message saying that you have upvoted so and so post, and then only can you post. We will be manually verifying each upvote and anyone who is there simply to spam will be banned from the server.

What Does the Bot Do?

The bot currently has an upvote of .7 at 100% and we plan on increasing it as we grow! We are looking for new members and we will be helping people get on their feet in steem. The current price for a monthly upvote is set at .6 steem to join if you are alone and .85 if you join with a friend. The bot will upvote any posts you make. This gives you a ROI of about 9 posts! (maximum 1 post per day)


We do weekly giveaways from coupons off to an entire free month you don’t want to miss out on these. Our winner last week was @symonp on discord who won an entire free month of incinbot votes! Don’t miss our next giveaway as we are giving away 50% off an entire month subscription.


We are now accepting any sp delegations towards the bot! Below is how much upvote value you will receive based on the amount of sp you delegate. (Everything is based per month).

20 sp- 1 cent upvotes
50 sp- 2 cent upvotes
100 sp- 4 cent upvotes
150+ sp- max upvote value

This will allow us to have a bigger upvote value, allowing us to not lose voting power as easily! Every bit of sp helps, and if you want to delegate we will check and add you to our upvote bot based on the amount of sp!

Plans for the Future!

We have many big plans underway as we look to grow even more! Our biggest project is to create a bid bot! What we hope to achieve through the bid bot is to focus SP and upvotes to a single person and use what we gain to help further our other projects. This remains a community centered discord and we hope that by doing this we can also grow our main IncinBot

Join Us!

Our Discord Server-


This week we are hosting a local charity event. 50% of all proceeds and upvotes go towards the cause. Go check it out!

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