My Big Fat Bitcoin Mistake

4년 전

In January 2016 a co-worker introduced me to bitcoin wallets and explained to me how I could get an account. At the time I was all over an "exciting" MLM opportunity in gold. I didn't want to start "another venture" So I allowed him to give me $5 bucks in bitcoin, purchased $10 worth . The price per coin was astronomical in my small mind so I thought to myself " I will never get that much as to own a coin". Boy was I wrong.

Fast-foward to August 8, 2017 I received a news notification regarding bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Out of curiosity I went in and checked my bitcoin account and realized that $15 was now worth $117. I was shocked and suddenly became obsessed with cryptocurrency. That is how I wound up here today.

I shared that story today to hopefully help someone who is in the "Valley of Decisions" when it comes to financial decisions. You see, like google, facebook, and Tesla; Bitcoin is huge. And it seems intimidating. But had I started small then just putting away the same amount as I was putting into savings, I would own a few coins by now and it would be far worth more than what I have in a traditional savings account.

When it comes to any investment don't let the big things scare you. Think Big, Start Small, Be consistent.

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Welcome. Nice story and one that makes you wonder if bitcoin will continue to surprise to the upside and for how long.

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