How to Setup an Online BURST Wallet

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How to Setup a Burst Online Wallet

Things you will need.

  • PC with internet access
  • Piece of blank paper
  • This Guide

Step 1.

Accessing your wallet.

In order to access a burst wallet you have 2 options. Running and syncing a local node on your computer or using a pre-synced online wallet. We are going to use an online wallet due to the stake of simplicity.

An up to date online wallet can always be found on bursts official forum website, Burst Nation.
So go to the site should look similar to Figure A

(Figure A)

Go ahead and click on ‘BURST TOOLS’ and select any online wallet(see Figure B)

(Figure B)

You should now be on the wallet page(see Figure C)

(Figure C)

End of Step 1.

Step 2.

Creating your account.

Now that you are on the online wallet webpage you will need to create an account.

Go ahead and click ‘DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? CLICK HERE TO CREATE ONE’(see Figure D)

(Figure D)

You should be on a page that looks like this(See Figure E)

(Figure E)

You should see a 12 word randomly generated passphrase. Now we can go ahead and create our account with the given passphrase but for security reasons we are going to make it 100x stronger just by adding our own words and numbers and maybe even removing a couple of words. So go ahead and copy the 12 word passphrase using CTRL + A then CTRL + C (See Figure F)

(Figure F)

Now open up a notepad and paste the passphrase with CTRL + V
After you have pasted the generated passphrase you are going to want to remove words and replace some with your own words, add some numbers and symbols(See Before/After)


blade physical stay kiss dad wolf drum written bomb random confidence before


blade# phys!cal stay EfG12 d@d w0lf drum lama bomb xboxtrash60 confidence before6969

Now that you have your super secure passphrase you're going to want to write/print it onto a piece of freshly cut wood, I mean paper….

Now you're going to want to go back to the wallet tab in your browser and click on ‘Want to choose your own passphrase? Click here.’(see Figure G)

(Figure G)

You should now find yourself on a page that looks similar to this(See Figure H)

(Figure H)

In the top box you are going to want to copy and paste your passphrase from the notepad with CTRL+C and CTRL+V. In the bottom box you are going to want to manually type in the passphrase from the paper you printed out just to make sure both match. If both match then you should see a page that looks like this(See Figure I)

(Figure I).

Welcome to your wallet :)

Now you are going to want to try to log into your wallet again to make sure you have everything correct. To do this you're going to want to remember the address on the top left which looks something like this BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX. Once you have at least the last 4 digits memorized your going to want to logout by clicking the power button on the top right.

Now to log back in it is easiest to open a notepad and type your passphrase in there then copy/paste it into the passphrase bar. Once you have your passphrase in the passphrase field click the arrow to log in. If your address matched the last one then that means everything is working :D

End of Step 2.

Step 3.

Activating your wallet.

In order to activate your wallet you are going to need to make an outgoing transaction to do this follow the steps below.
To activate your wallet you can go to any exchange like poloniex and purchase a couple coins then withdraw them to your burst wallet. NOTE: don't use Bittrex to transfer your first coins to your wallet. Bittrex doesn't allow withdraws to inactive accounts.

Now that you have a couple coins in your wallet you can proceed to activating it by making an outgoing transaction. You can easily do this by changing your wallet name by clicking ‘No Name Set’ on the top left and set a name(See Figure J) You may be prompted for your passphrase again.

(Figure J)

After you set your name your account will show one outgoing transaction which means your account is now activated!

Congratulations! You now have a fully functional burst wallet!!

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