Own and Make Money From a Fish Living On the Ethereum Blockchain!

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You probably read the title and are thinking how is this possible?? well its actually pretty simple!!

How do I get a fish?? Tell me already!!!

I present to you pray4prey.com
In order to participate in pray4prey.com you will need the https://metamask.io/ chrome extension or a mist browser

Well what is it?

Pray4Prey is a game on the Ethereum blockchain allowing you to win Ether with luck and skill. Basically, you buy fishes and pray for them to survive. Once they are in the water, they swim happily - until the shark goes hunting. The value of the killed fishes is distributed to all remaining fishes depending on their type. The longer your fishes live, the more ether they collect.

What type of fish are there and what's the difference??

There are 5 different fish types in the game: the butterfly fish, the tuna, the goldfish, the tang and the devil fish. Different fish types have different prices and are treated differently when it comes to bounty distribution. The pricier a fish type the higher the share. The share of a type is calculated by bounty * value(fishtype)/sum(values_of_all_types). This share is distributed amongst all fishes belonging to this type. Please notice that there is a fix percentage of the bounty distributed between all fishes of a given type. So, if there are a lot of gold fishes but few tunas, a tuna might receive a bigger piece of the cake.

For example, if there are 2 butterfly fishes and 2 tunas in the game after a butterfly has been eaten, the butterfly fishes get 0.33 ETH, resulting in 0.17 ETH per fish. The tunas receive 0.67 ETH resulting in 0.33 ETH per fish. Now let's assume there are 3 tunas and 1 butterfly fish left. In this scenario, the butterfly fish would receive 0.33 ETH and each tuna 0.22 ETH. Now a goldfish joins the game, shifting the percentages of the next distribution. You see, it makes sense to take a look at the current fish distribution before purchasing a fish!

All fishes have the same probability of being killed.

Didn't you say something about a shark?!?!

If a fish gets eaten, his value is distributed amongst all animals, depending on their type and the number of fishes of this type. See "What is the difference between the fishes" for more details.

The start value of a fish is 95% of its cost and it is rising with every survived attack.

When does the shark attack?

The frequency of the attacks depends on the number of fishes in the game. The number of attacks per 24 hours is given by f(numAnimals) = 1 + numAnimals/100. This results in one attack a day if there are less than 100 fishes in the game and 4 attacks a day if there are 300 fishes.

In a single attack the shark eats up to 10 fishes. If the number of fishes in the aquarium is growing and there are at least 10 fishes in the game, exactly 10 fishes will be eaten, but if the size is shrinking, less fishes get killed. In case there are less than 100 fishes, 10% will be chosen.

Ok, but how to I get my money out?

You can cash out your balance and leave the game anytime. Visit the how-to-section for more info

What is the probability that my fish gets eaten?

All fishes have the same probability to get eaten, but as explained in "What are the differences between the fishes?" the share of the bounty differs.

I highly suggest you check out pray4prey.com and give it a try!
all information was from the pray4prey.com game and rules page

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if i had a fish i would name it charles

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