The neverending dilemma

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This is the first decision for us when we want to increase our crypto holdings. A difficult task in a turbulent market.
If you decide on Bitcoin it's quite straight forward really, you just buy some and hodl, (hopefully).
The altcoins option offers a vast variety of alternative crypto that is more troublesome.
The general rule for investing in altcoins is to invest in something you believe has a real world purpose and that you truly believe will change the current standard of doing things.


On the topic of ICO's however, it's every man/woman for themselves. Only the brave shall prosper, and so forth...


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Just for the sake of conversation, what are the ones you think will change the world? :)

  ·  2년 전

Well first thing to pop into my mind is Ethereum, but i could talk all day about different projects, ICO's, forks etc.
Ethereum has changed so much already that i'am hestitant to call it an altcoin, even though it's not an derogatory term. In my mind there are Bitcoin and Ethereum, the rest is altcoins:D.
But the one i'am most hopefull about is ofcourse Steemit! It has proved to have a winning concept that could alter the way we consume media. In some ways it already has.
Here are a few altcoins iam looking closer into in 2018:


Thoughts on Bitshares?

  ·  2년 전

the vincentb effect
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Third Button: "Wait for the crash"
Fourth Button: "Wait for the dip"

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