XLM more than 60%, for me thats are 1000 crunches! [Cryptocurrency-Workout]

4년 전

I dont know, what I should say!


2 days ago I had to make 1000 crunches because XLM made over 50% in 24 hours.
As you know, I started a challenge where I make 20 crunches for every % the value of XLM (Stellar Lumens) rise.
Today, it rose about 60 %. XLM have a value of 0.919 USD now!
Thats are 1258 crunches for me.


What do you think about that?
Is it possible to make over 2000 crunches in only 3 days?
But i said it and i will make it!

So let's start.
Be a part of it!

I took the value from this website "https://www.coingecko.com/de".
I will see you tomorrow and have a nice day!

##paradnox## //Andi//

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