Introduction, Summary and Abstract of AAT TOKEN

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The Asset Allocation Tokens are seeking for to be software tokens used as discount tokens for availing the benefits of our Asset Allocation management platform, built upon the Ethereum blockchain for the control of belongings along with, but no longer restrained to, cryptocurrency and initial coin imparting (ICO) investment. Asset Allocation control platform transactions use the Asset Allocation Token, which is an ERC 20 token generated on the Ethereum platform.

Portfolio management solutions aren't a new issue. The conventional market gamers are already the use of equipment that helps them determine strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, and threats in the attempt to maximize go back at a given urge for food for threat. A novice market consisting of cryptocurrency is already trying to deliver similar answers to the desk. Whilst those solutions paintings decently enough for current person-base, they nevertheless go away scope for greater innovation and improvability. Current portfolio theories generally do not healthy within the black container of cryptocurrency diversification. The innumerably growing property in the absence of a sturdy regulatory framework makes cryptocurrency portfolio management a tough and risky undertaking. Keeping song of the ROI becomes a tough venture. Loss of choice-making facts complements the hazard urge for food of a portfolio. Lack of expertise and growing number of rip-off-jobs cause victimization of novice investors.
What is wanted is a portfolio management system that would combine the quality of conventional and current portfolio theories. The device needs to integrate the newly launched assets as they appear, and placed their behaviors in opposition to the general behavior of the market. Moreover, the belongings have to be subjected to trendy portfolio theories based totally on artificial intelligence. As an example, an asset ABC, in addition to being demonstrated for its backers' organization size, valuation, boom, and leverage, must additionally be recorded and analyzed for its social media sentiment using artificial Intelligence tools.
The proposed portfolio control system should further introduce a self-regulated climate where portfolio managers are allowed to create and enforce their guidelines the use of smart contracts. This gadget might not be perfect in jurisdictions which have already got a regulatory exercise for cryptocurrency hedge managers in the region. However, in the presence of a regulatory climate, the system needs to be capable of implement the present rules without having intermediaries, with the mixing of clever contracts. Users, then again, ought to take delivery of a free and truthful deal with to select portfolio managers of their desire, based totally on ordinary rankings and merits. In case the fund incurs losses, the equal smart contracts turn out to be at risk of cutback the managers' overall performance fees. Hit portfolios may be shared and exchanged.
Additionally, like every other portfolio control device, the proposed solution should consist of the crucial offerings of listing cryptocurrencies, reflect their minute-to-minute conduct, and permit customers to create customized portfolios to maintain the song on their investments. Furthermore, the answer should permit live information feeds for the chosen belongings.
The system must also introduce interoperability among a couple of cryptocurrency exchange wallets using proprietary apis to simplify arbitrage opportunities and liquidity. It needs to in addition improve the flow of transactions inside the software by way of the usage of a specialized utility token primarily based on Ethereum's ERC20 trendy.
We advocate a way to the limitations of current portfolio theories inside the cryptocurrency marketplace. We additionally advise introducing smart contracts-primarily based hirings of portfolio managers to implement rules and distribute returns and prices maximum transparently. We additionally speak a public token sale of AAT tokens to raise capital for the improvement of our platform inside the close to-destiny. Moreover, we recommend integrating an in-constructed crypto-to-crypto change in the platform.

Executive Summary
The Asset Allocation Token is a utility token, used as a reduction token for availing the blessings of our Asset Allocation control platform. In a world it really is so feverishly excited about the growth of cryptocurrency investment, it turns out to be more and more crucial to have a dependable device for your side that can make your investment and asset management simpler, efficient, and greater accessible.
Inclusive of famous options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies to be had for investment international. As ICOS and cryptocurrencies have received momentum and their price keeps to soar, it has come to be crucial than ever earlier than to hold tune of 1's cryptocurrency portfolio.
AAT affords state-of-the-art answer that traders can believe to control their belongings, allocate their belongings based totally on their threat profiles, and supply excessive-elegance hazard adjusted returns over the long term.

An active and passive portfolio control platform which would provide an efficient manner to manage cryptocurrencies and ICO portfolios with the assist of incorporated professional trading gear and highbrow expertise. Users may be allowed to get admission to thousands of old and new cryptocurrencies profiles, and integrate them into a customized portfolio primarily based on their hazard profiles and excessive-magnificence adjusted returns. Skilled, complete-time buyers can also make use of the platform and turn portfolio managers for users. Automated clever contracts might be created between the customers and their portfolio managers to lessen the influence of centralized entities. Interoperability among Exchanges thru apis, custom designed news feed, social buying, and selling will be created and brought to the platform upon the crowdfunding spherical of AAT tokens. The AAT trade can also be created and included in the platform for growing liquidity.
A synthetic Intelligence-based totally tool will be created to file and analyze social media sentiment.

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