Ethereum expands its gains to the highest level in 3 weeks with ready-to-process support for the "hardfork " Operation

4년 전


The prices of "Ethereum " in spot trading rose on Wednesday to expand its gains for the second consecutive day, registering the highest level in three weeks, with the continuation of active demand on the second largest digital process in the world, especially after the recent announcement of the Ready Ethereum Network for operation The hardfork.

On Tuesday, Ethereum achieved an increase of 1.15%, in the second gain in the last three days, supported by the level of $120 per unit Ethereum .

"Avery Chauden " co-partner of Ethereum announced that 25 February was scheduled for the completion of the operation of the hardfork.

This is the third time in terms of the declaration that the process was completed, as the Ethereum network failed in the first two times due to the emergence of several problems and gaps.

To avoid these problems, the Web development team decided to follow a different method according to new schemes that are expected to succeed in activating the hardfork without having to postpone again.

After that news, Ethereum succeeded in returning again to the second largest digital currency ranking of the world's market value, with the return of the digital currency to the third ranking.

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could this be the start of a recovery????