Back at a market cap of 400 billion. Let's keep that upward momentum!

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Welcome to my Cryptocurrencies Market Overview for Monday, April 23, 2018.

Today in the news:

  • The total crypocurrency market capitalization is back above $400 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash has risen more than 80% over the last 7 days.
  • The Central Bank of Iran has banned the country’s banks from offering services to cryptocurrency firms.
  • TRON has announced an airdrop for ETH holders.
  • A former JPMorgan Banker has said he expects the cryptocurrency market to become ‘much bigger’.
  • And more crypto news below...

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Latest Crypto News - April 23, 2018

Bitcoin tops $9,000 as crypto rally shows no signs of slowing

The resurgence of digital currencies continues. The total value of all cryptocurrencies topped $400 billion for the first time since March 8, once again driven by the smaller coins, most notably Bitcoin Cash, which is up more than 80% in the last seven days.
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More sources about Bitcoin's price:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Accelerates Rally, Expects Hard Fork for Larger Blocks

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is back with a vengeance - after suffering bad publicity throughout the bear market in February and March. But BCH showed it was capable of fast appreciation, as it added more than 22% to its daily price at one point, appreciating to above $1,402.07.
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Iran Central Bank Bans Domestic Banks from Cryptocurrency Dealings

Citing money laundering concerns, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has banned the country’s banks from offering services to crypto firms or dealing in cryptocurrencies.
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Cryptocurrency Market Will Get ‘Much Bigger’: Former JPMorgan Banker

Daniel Masters, who previously led JPMorgan’s global energy trading desk, says cryptocurrencies are fueling a financial revolution.
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Major UAE Bank Implements Blockchain Tech To Prevent Check Fraud

The National Bank of Dubai (NBD), one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East by assets volume, has reportedly become the first bank in the region to successfully implement Blockchain technology in a check-issuance system to prevent fraud, local news outlet Arabian Business reported Saturday, April 21.
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Travel Booking Site CheapAir Is Switching Bitcoin Payment Processors

Online travel booking agency said Friday that it will switch bitcoin payment processors following a service change by Coinbase. - which began accepting bitcoin back in 2013 in a first for the global travel industry - explained the move in a blog post, revealing it is eyeing a move to accept bitcoin payments through Bitpay.
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Crypto Ads Ban Is Temporary, According To LinkedIn's Co-Founder

Cointelegraph had a chance to talk to Eric Ly, Chinese-American investor and businessman and co-founder of LinkedIn, where for years he also served as founding CTO.
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Another Chinese City Is Backing a Big Blockchain Investment Fund

The city government of Shenzhen, China, is backing a dedicated blockchain investment fund, soon after Hangzhou city supported a similar effort. Announced at a blockchain event in the city on Sunday, hosted by the China Electronic Commerce Association, the fund aims to invest 500 million yuan ($80 million) in blockchain startups in Shenzhen during its first phase.
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TRON Launches Generous Airdrop for the Ethereum Community

The TRON project reaches out to the Ethereum community with an upcoming airdrop for all ETH holders. The airdrop of TRX tokens is aimed to introduce the project and its advantages.
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Hong Kong and Singapore Prove Safe Havens for ICO Listings

The ban on ICOs in China is sending blockchain startups that are looking to raise funds into the arms of rival Asian regions. In particular, blockchain startups are increasingly flocking to Hong Kong, where there’s more freedom than Mainland China, and Singapore to launch their token sales, according to market participants cited in a report in South China Morning Post.
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Bitcoin Payments Are on the Rise in the Baltics

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in the Baltic states where no comprehensive regulations have been introduced yet. Businesses from multiple sectors, including real estate, online trade, the hospitality industry, and even healthcare, are taking advantage of crypto payments. Some companies from the region are already offering their services globally.
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The Iran news just proves all central banks work together.

Only a bad news of IRAN :(

For me the biggest breakthrough is that bitcoin is loosing dominance over the market, currently at 37,8% which means that in the future maybe altcoins won't be so influenced by the trends of bitcoin.

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