Where in the world can I spend my steem? Real World Outlets that accept Steem / SBD


I recently came across a post by @progressivechef

He is opening a new restaurant in Mauritius and he will be accepting payment in steem or SBD.

PMC Grill and Resto @progressivechef believes will be the first restaurant to do so.

I am sure there are a good number of restaurants around the world that take bitcoin or even other alt-coins like litecoin, but I suspect the PMC Grill and Resto may well be one of a very small number of restaurants in the world running on steem.

Do please let me know if you know of any others...

This got me thinking where else can you use steem or SBD in the 'real world'?

I'm not a cryptoconomist but I'm guessing if steem and SBD had some wider use beyond the steem blockchain then demand would go up and then presumably the price would follow likewise?

Everyone would be happy with that.

So I have started hunting around. A quick search in steemit has uncovered a few other places taking steem :

A post by @fiserman five months ago identified a few other places that accept payment in steem such as Crypto Jeweler and PexPeppers :

@fiserman referenced the Coinpayments.net site. Searching on that site now for steem shows a few more steem accepting outlets :

A couple that caught my eye included Ballistic Bodyboards and Finna Tour & Travel.

While many sites have an easily recognisable 'bitcoin Accepted Here' logo I haven't seen anything similar for steem. We definitely need one.

As well as conventional shops and businesses I have also found a number of steemians with Etsy shops that accept steem such as @elew and @kokibyivana :

I have also found the interesting enterprise of @greatness96 selling foodstuffs to people in Nigeria :

Within steemit itself @SteemBay is beginning to take off :

The new PaywithSteem project is showing promise, and now is offering to supply anything from Amazon wish lists. Although as I understand it that basically involves a 15% markup on Amazon prices :

It is very encouraging to see all these developments. It is still very early days for widespread use of steem in the 'outside world'.


  • Is it a good thing for steem to be used outside of the steem blockchain?

  • Would you want to buy products in the real world with steem?

  • If you have a business or offer some sort of service would you be prepared to take steem?

On this last question I have thought about it as I have business. And why not. Yes I would take steem for payment for our work. (It is web design and application development by the way).

If anyone knows of any other real world businesses that take steem or SBD as payment please do add in the comments below. I will compile them into a fuller post if there is sufficient demand.

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[graphic by @pennsif ]

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Very interesting and would love to see more places taking steem would help to grow steemit as well


I will be interested to see if more steem places pop up.


I hope they do then interest in Steem and Steemit could jump

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Thanks for the mention @pennsif...I think it is a great thing for Steemians to offer other Steemians, because it removes the need to use exchanges as well as keeping steem here. So far it seems like a good thing for all, but time will tell...


I will be interested to hear more about how taking steem on your etsy shop works out for you.

Although as I understand it that basically involves a 15% markup on Amazon prices

Might as well go through the steps of converting it to cash at that point.


It could be a close call depending on fees, but I wouldn't disagree with that.

Canada you can only use BTC, at a few restaurants and shops, and one hotel chain.


It will be interesting to see when the first places that take steem appear in Canada...


I will certainly let you know!

Apparently pleasant hill grain.com also accepts BTC as payments also, it is a gardening homesteading website.


Maybe they could be persuaded to take steem as well...


Does not hurt to try my friend. We could email them and ask!


That would be cool if you could email them - I would be very interested to see how they reply.

I think in the future we will see more places accepting Steem or SBD. We are still on our infancy. We have to learn to crawl before we can run.


Indeed, baby steps before giant leaps...

This is cool to know! Although I am not planning a trip to Mauritius or Germany anytime soon.. but still, interesting to know! Hopefully, the list will expand and you will be doing regularly updates, every fiscal quarter or so! 😊


A research trip to Mauritius would be rather good ... 😎

I hadn't realized so many places were accepting cryptocurrency in the brick-and-mortar world!

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Thanks for the interesting topic as u are right the more outsider business accept the better for us but I think we should do something as community like announce that if 2 online stores for example one accept steem and the other not we email the other that we are interested in their products but meanwhile we have to buy from their comparators coz they accept steem!
At this moment as business who cares not to lose that much of buyers they would start considering it!

@pennsif saya kurang paham ini