John McAfee - Hacked?

4년 전

John McAfee's Twitter feed makes for an interesting read this evening, with many coins being touted as his "coin of the day".

Whether he's been hacked, or he's actually sat there shilling endless coins so he can get rid of his bags, it's apparent that he's more of a hindrance to the crypto community than a benefit.

Make it stop.

McAfee 1.jpg

McAfee 2.jpg

Edit: The tweets have now been removed, and McAfee claims that he was indeed hacked.

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looks like you got a fake account, his real account addresses this issue, and he is only doing a pick of the week now. He is a successful entrepreneur, we need him in our bull corner!


BTC $1,000,000 x 2020


Definitely his real account. He has since deleted the tweets, claiming he's been hacked.