Prudently I propose and predict prices

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I thought it'd be fun to make some predictions for the near future and beyond so I hope you enjoy my overview.


I would like to preface this by saying that there are two outcomes that 2018 could hold. In this blog post I'm going to talk about the positive outcome because I really just think it's more likely. The ball is in motion and it's going to take a lot to stop cryptocurrency. The other possibility is that we see a crash in the next few weeks and it keeps the crypto ecosystem depressed for another 3 months to a whole year.

Coins to nab this Christmas

That being said, every coin in the top 50 will likely appreciate in value in 2018. It's going to be glorious. The real question is which coins have the most upside. My personal belief is the money will be flying everywhere, you should really try to mitigate risk by investing in solid fundamentals though. Here are some coins I believe strike a good balance of upside and fundamentals.

  1. Steem / SMTS: Okay listen. I am a little biased. But at $2.80 as of writing this post, it's still an amazing buy. I really think that the $10 steem is within reach for 2018. If SMTs see early adoption and the initial reviews are good, we could even see a gradual healthy pump into the $50+ range. The tech behind steem is some of the best in the game right now and with SMTs around the corner the low price will be very difficult to justify.

  2. EOS: With 500ms confirmation time and smart contracts, it's easy to see why EOS has been getting so much buzz. The early work looks pretty promising and we all know Dan can deliver a solid product. Even at $8 I don't have too much issue suggesting this one. I think EOS will likely see the $100+ range as it approaches 1.0 release.

  3. IOTA / BYTEBALL: It's interesting to group these together, but they makeup the major players right now in the DAG coin game. DAGs are very interesting because it's an alternate approach to scaling that actually improves and becomes faster with each transaction added to the DAG. IOTA's execution leaves a lot to be desired but overall I think their heart is in the right place. Byteball is really interesting too in that it has all the advantages of IOTA with no coordinator. It also supports confidential transactions that are done in a way that is significantly less cryptographically intensive. All it uses is hashing and emails on chain. Pretty interesting stuff.

  4. Golem: Truebit is a verification protocol which allows for computationally expensive smart contracts to be computed off chain. This allows for massive scaling benefits. This technology has yet to be implemented into its own currency, but until then, golem is the next best thing. Golem is bringing to life the spirit of truebit by using its verification protocol. The software is still in alpha but I'm 100% sure this technology will be getting lots of attention as the scaling race heats up in 2018.

  5. Monero / Zcash: As the demand rises for cryptocurrencies so will the demand for privacy. Especially as we begin the regulation era. Zcash and Monero are on the cutting edge of the confidential transaction technology right now and I don't see them going away in 2018.

  6. Bitcoin: As much as we all love Bitcoin (yes you do, don't try to hide it), it's your mom's cryptocurrency. I believe that buying Bitcoin today could still double your money in 2018. While it may not have much upside, it's a very safe bet.

Coins to give to your bratty nephew

And just to say we did, why don't we enumerate some bad apples to avoid for 2018.

  1. Tether: Listen, I don't have any solid evidence, but the writing is on the wall.

  2. BitConnect: Another obvious choice. Cryptocurrency is already way to volatile for Warren Buffett, do you really need to add a ponzi on top?

Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know what you guys think are the best investments down below in the comments.

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As an afterthought I wanted to add which of these coins I hold currently:

  1. Steem
  2. EOS
  3. Bitcoin

I keep it in the family :)


what about chinese cryptos ? like BNB & TRX ?? Any advice ???


good post dear


nice job predicting the demise of BCC, and the rise of EOS!

ALSO Byteball is now connecting to steem airdropping to hi rep users, blood hell man, everyone steals your ideas!

How can you promote BitConnect??!!? You should know better, Nate. That better not be a referrer link. But I can't be bothered to check nor actually read the full context of why you're promoting BitConnect of all things.

  ·  3년 전

You should probably take the time to actually read what he says about it..

I hadn't heard of Golem before. I've been kind of torn about IOTA. I hear conflicting things about whether or not it can reasonably achieve its vision. The truth is, you really can't invest in any crypto without having some faith that the good tech is going to be adopted. Gotta take a risk to get rewarded. My hope is that there are big gains across the board in the entire sector as the public warms up to blockchain technology overall.


I believe that 2018-2019 won't be beholden to business plans and proper execution as much as the traditional markets are. With good enough marketing really any of these coins could see a massive pump. I totally agree though, the gains will be spread out over the whole sector.


yes, @picokernel . some coins will pumped. but we can predicated them. i know some of thems. that's good post bro! thanks


Its golos not golem...........





I would like to suggest SUB substratum to be added to that list.


I actually picked up a little bit of sub because of this comment. Thanks! I'm not sure it's going to revolutionize anonymization, but it will probably see a plenty of gains in the meantime.


That's great glad to hear that. @picokernel


You shoudl do more research on SUB check the article i posted in my yesterday Blog #JustSayin :)

good post @picokernel big luv bro hope ya well
gonna give some of these a shot

it's your mom's cryptocurrency

Your mom. LOL


Not actually his mom. Your mom!!! His mom is crypto-diversified!


That got me laughing like I am Donald Trump

We need to get more votes on this post!

Hey, it's your mom. I buy more than Bitcoin :-)

I would love to hear your thoughts on bitshares also? Great article. Thanks

You could add LSK to the list, similar to EOS but based on a very popular programming language!

Great analysis in your top cryptos. Personally, I’m excited to see how Steem does in 2018 especially with SMTs launching as you said.

well, crypto is for those looking for the fast cash. warren buffet isn't exactly known to seek out risky investment that he doesn't understand. You can take the fast lane and lose your shirt or do it the good O buffet value investing way. Either way, it's always important to have fun!

I believe this Christmas will be soo nice and warm for all of us.
buy Christmas will result a big rise in prices LOOL

Bitcoin is the best thing that has happened in this our generation. It is a debt saver and a property obtaining measure.

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I think that bitcoin is the best investment for sure. Tho I also think that iota may surprise us if they could pull it off .
I believe in Thier system , I think they will be big in the future .

Got EOS at 70c but sold 'em during the btg fork. had to make a choice, was a hard one, but yea still have some left 😎

good news~ thanks

Wonderful to be reading you again. I agree with all this. I only wish EOS would walk it's talk of being for everyone instead of weaving casuistry and legalese behind it's initial invitation and promise. Despite that, I am optimistic about the tech and product because I am optimistic about Tokenizing Improv & the Living Arts to make the moniker of "Starving Artist" a thing of the past. EOS might be the answer. SMT's might be the answer. Ethereum seems almost out of date at this point.


Wishing you the best. You in Texas now? Congrats!


Thanks for the informative advice. I followed and upvoted you, and hoping to see more of this in the future

I wish you an amazing 2018 and Merry Christmas!

and btw, all of my friends who invest on Crypto have IOTA.

I agree, STEEM combined with SMTs have some huge potential, once people begin to realize they are wasting their time on social networks that do not reward them STEEM will continue to increase in value

woww..good..i like post..

I have been trying to reason another cryptocurrency to invest in without playing myself at the end. But thank God you could share this at an early beginning of the year. I have to check out Golem, IOTA and monero to invest on any of them. The funny thing is, I have heard of Golem nor Monero before, I just hope its worth the risk. Look at the way SBD and STEEM is appreciating like mad, I know by March, it should be more appreciated by 40%, what you think?
"As much as we all love Bitcoin (yes you do, don't try to hide it), it's your mom's cryptocurrency" what is the future of Bitcoin following it drop in price?
Your knowledge would be appreciated and indeed I do enjoy your post.

tesekkur ederım votenız ıcın

Thanks for sharing

Am with steem and IOTA, should grab as much as i can this season. for the bitcoin, i will leave it for my mum indeed.

i Don't know why so many Coins are overvalued in this Market , Hyped up shit and the one Really undervalued still sitting down , Like Steem , EOS not much hype and START , LISK , waves , ark so on XRP XVG TRX were so over valued i think

Hi @picokernel, I nominated you to take part in the 7 day black and white challenge in my latest post!

steemit will go up and up and will touch the sky.

Thanks for telling about your holding coins, i appriciate that .

What about ethereun

Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted steemit all the way check out my new post

Realistic analysis ! Thank you so much for your effort !! Followed you for your new post my friend @picokernel !

What are your thoughts on Sirin Labs and their Finney blockchain phone?

Your post is very interesting.
I like it very much

I like all of your picks. I have not followed golem but will take a look.

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Good post

Interesting publication, it is impressive to know the amount of coins or names that are given, greetings @picokernel

your thoughts are great.i have some bucks in monero now as because the is a upcoming fork.again i will request u to look at bitcoin white.still the price is less.but hope get a great profit out of it.can visit my profile

i like your picks

Congratulation for your post, you re doing a great work!!!

I will be glad to meet you
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subscribe and I will be glad to communicate with everyone

steem is the first coin , ı believe that. @picokernel

astonishing & splendid!

Your predictions are coming sooner...