PIVX: PoSitively Private.

2년 전

Thanks to our amazing developers we made history again.

Here are a few recent milestones:

October, 2017

We redefined what it means to be private in the crypto sphere by implementing a custom version of the Zerocoin protocol into a Proof of Stake coin. We introduced: zPIV. Our new base unit of private funds allowing you to have completely anonymous coins!

May 8th, 2018

We revolutionized Proof of Stake, forever, by introducing the ability to stake your zPIV. We called it: zPoS (Zerocoin Proof of Stake). Allowing you to hold completely anonymous coins and get rewarded for it!

These features and a lot more make us PIVX.

PoSitively Private.


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Keep it purple people!

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Thanks for promoting pivx to the community. Every one in pivx community is very active. Keep up the good work.


Thank you @introvert-dime ... I'll take credit for the Steemit posts ;)

Thank you for the good work. Happily staking now zPivs! Keep up the good work.