Why I prefer aggregators above exchange platforms

3년 전

I’m a long-term investor in cryptocurrency, I try to avoid the risks of exchange platforms and keep all my funds safely on my own wallets.

But when it comes to refreshing my crypto portfolio I still need a way to switch my coins. Up until recently, I had to send them to my Binance account and pray to all gods that the transaction goes smoothly and that the platform doesn’t ban me or take my funds without explanation.

However, I’ve found a workaround.

An exchange aggregator BestRate.org is a great tool for such tasks.

  • I can switch my funds directly between my wallets and be sure of their safety.
  • I don’t need to pass this hideous verification procedure that platforms like Bittrex require.
  • The service offers me the best exchange rate among the platforms it supports. And I don’t need to sign up on these platforms to make an exchange.
  • No fixed pairs. If I have some Waves, for example, and I want to exchange them for Expanse, I can do it without exchanging them to Bitcoin first and thus losing money on each transaction.
    All-in-all, the service is great and I recommend it to all mid- and long-term investors.


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