Earn BTT Token : Just by downloading and seeding the torrent files

2개월 전

Torrent is the decentralized peer to peer file sharing protocol. BitTorrent introduced new TRC 10 token (BTT token) where user can earn BTT token by downloading and seeding the torrent files. Further More, User can use BTT token to increase the speed while downloading the torrent files.


The entry of BitTorrent in crypto market shows that BTT token to be adopted in high range for downloading the files. Here, uploader can seed the file to increase the download speed of other user. In return they are provided with BTT token. Current market price of BTT token at the time of writing this article is $0.006518(5th May,2021).

Source: https://www.publish0x.com/block-chain-news/earn-btt-token-just-by-downloading-and-seeding-the-torrent-f-xkyngly

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