Where to buy BTC using credit/debit card? COINBASE IS SHUTDOWN! And Changelly is charging over $164? Is this real!?


I was trying to buy some BTC to invest into Alt coins, I am not looking for massive amounts, however, when I went to Changelly, I am having hard time to believe that this is actually the PRICE? See for yourself!



You will see that $500 is buying me .135 BTC which based on BTC price at the same time equals $336 resulting in fees/charges of $164!

That is $164 or 32.6% in CHARGES.

And I thought CoinBase was high.

Speaking of Coinbase, those guys are shutdown more than they are operative and this is based on my less than 2 month experience in Cryptos. I cannot wait for the exchanges like WCEX that is coming on 10.10.17 to blow these guys out of the market! I am gettind edgy and frustrated with this INFLEXIBLE options.


I am looking for a place where I can buy small pieces of BTC once-a-while and pay REASONABLE credit/debit card fees. Does anyone know of any such place?

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Coinbase has always been great for me. I have been using them for years but yeah lately their servers cannot handle the traffic. Took me 7 1/2 hrs to send BTC from their site because of the backlog of people rushing to withdraw after recent news. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@hotsauceislethal/bitcoin-price-forecast-7-26-2017
BTC price forecast is looking gloomy today :P


Yes, but right now they have shut down both ETH/BTC and I have no way to buy altcoins on other exchanges without waiting! :(

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