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Roger, BCH is contentious and you seem to attack instead of discuss. The vein standing out on your neck is a tell that you are too keyed up. Bitcoin will always be Bitcoin. Nothing will replace it. If it is a scaling issue, then, to me anyway, Steem is better because it is the fastest blockchain there is.

Maybe you should do a Steem token and call it SCH, but it won't be Steem either. The reason that all of the others are called alt-coins is that they are alternatives to Bitcoin.

#XRP Standard has to do with a Ripple clone, R3, by the way. Another copycat coin.

See , the problem isn't that you think you have a better product, it's that is was done contentiously and has continued to go around trying to say that it is the real Bitcoin. It isn't, it is Bitcoin Cash. Another name for this fork would have been a better idea. It may have had a much higher chance of success and longevity if that were the case.

I wont argue the speed factor except to say that BCH is not THE fastest. There are many faster coins, Digibyte, Steem, Smart Cash, and more to name a few.

You have money and popularity and you had a lot of respect in this community. I think it was a mistake for you to put all of your eggs in this basket. You (collectively BCH) could have named it anything else and used your talents to market it and it would have been better for the environment. We need to work together to stop big banks/government from robbing us blind, not fight about who gets to be the big dog on the blockchain. Remember, only psychotics feel a need to be #1, normal people just want to live and succeed in our own way.

Personally, because of the drama, if I really wanted a fast coin ro teansact with, I woud probably use one of the ones I mentioned earlier.


We need to work together to stop big banks/government from robbing us blind, not fight about who gets to be the big dog on the blockchain.

Thank you for staying on target.


There are actually technical reasons for the claims being made. I can't repeat them all the time and I've promised myself not to spend much more time on this drama, but if you really search for them you'll find alternative points of view.

Roger should be more worried about Bcash's coming fork attack.

Cashies Civil War

Looks like Jihan is a bit worried that Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre will be able to attack the Cashies favorite fork!

But then again, Roger is always about pushing his talking points instead of actually handling technical details -- it isn't his strong point. Why else use the "Core" label - which refers to a client by the way, not Bitcoin itself.

Ver likes using labels like that to foster a "Us vs Them" mindset. Its all he has at this point.

Funny thing is, with the last decline all the suspected Bitmain pump to BCash as been reset to zero. Oops! Hope they didn't use ALL their BTC to get it up there -- that's gotta hurt.

But again, no one is using BCash anyway:

Active Addresses BCash Loses Big

They can't even beat the relabeled "Darkcoin" now known as "Dash"!! Hilarious.

Its okay, at least some people have a sense of humor when it comes to BCash:

Panel One




Keep on posting videos Roger, they'll be useful epitaphs when BCash crashes and burns.


At least the guy on the right tried. The way the meme guy on the left touches the others arm to cut the interview short is very telling.

Ignorance under pressure and trying to get out is not a good look. They know this. But it's far worse to willfully remain ignorant.

I was a little disappointed it had to end that way. A civil discussion between the two of you might have yielded some common understanding.

What didn't get said was that people were pushed out of the community, even when they were discussing Bitcoin. Sure, it's not censorship in the same way as when a government does it. I'm usually the first to point that out in various instances. But it does have a negative effect and it's not like having the option to go elsewhere is able to entirely make up for that.


That had me laughing both with and at the guy actually. :D I mean it was funny as a reference, but then again to see humor used for hand wavering in this context is ugly and especially when he obviously did not even have the courage to explain his thought process behind the joke.

Graham from Voluntary Japan here.

The questions are so simple, but they refuse to answer. Hilarious.

@transisto is still waiting, by the way! He may give a little better of a sparring match than these two, but who knows.

I love the #xrpstandard at the end. The way you reacted to it is so funny Roger. Always good to watch your videos as well!

great conversaisch roguer.

Always good to have a good debate @rogerkver . the #XRPstandard was interesting. Was he taking the piss, was he supprting XRP???? Goode debate nonetheless. But, I would like to see more unity rather than division, because I think, we are after the same goal???? Except fo XRP??


The joke obviously was that XRP is a joke and that BCH is just as bad or even worse. But the reasoning behind the joke was very poor and this guy (Calvin is his name apparently) couldn't even push himself to explain it.