Launching My First Ever Vlog (

3년 전

We're very excited to announce to the launch of a new YouTube series.

You can check out the first official 'Building The Future' Vlog series below. 

There are many reasons to feel bullish on Bitcoin Cash. Many of the big financial institutions are opening trading desks and investment services soon. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments on the video. 

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Just remember that when Lyin' Ver opens his mouth, its not to tell you the truth. Even Erik Voorhees, a long-time participant in the crypto space is against what Roger is doing.

A series of videos from an ex-con isn't going to help anything. Its just part of the delusion that is Lyin' Ver's modus operandi.

It wouldn't be so bad if he was just off on his own, but he rooks in the newbies to crypto and sells them snake oil, telling them its the "future".

The only "future" Lyin' Ver is interested in is lining his own pockets, all the while grabbing at the reins of power and control.

The "Greatest Hits" make informative reading --


Bitcoin BTC was hijacked, and crippled with high fees, which is why Bitcoin Cash was created.

All explained here:

How Bitcoin BTC Was Hijacked, and Why Bitcoin Cash Was Created


Decentralized money is opened source. Most crypto currencies are based on Bitcoin's original code. The freedom to experiment will lead to the best currency for the people.

Being closed minded will lead to disaster. I have no opinion on which will succeed but since I owned Bitcoin I have both versions and will just hold both long term. May the best coin win.


all cryptos that aren't DPOS are not safe. and now that one person has done it, many others will including governments that dont want crypto to succeed..

I believe adoption is the key here, what can we do as a community to increase the adoption of Bitcoin Cash?

Upvoted and re-Steemed. Excellent talk on crypto and blockchain utility. It's going to change the world!

Interesting and very practical analysis, it's a great start for you, I wish you much success in your work. Congratulations.

Nice update post @rogerkver you remember me

Good post. looking forward to see more content on your vlog. Keep bringing it!

Highly rEsteemed!
Digging into this now!!


If Lightning works as predicted and the throughput of extremely cheap transactions reaches Visa/MasterCard level, would you consider going back to promoting Bitcoin (or bitcoin core as your site calls it) ?


I would never support a bunch of people who openly support censorship and suppression of dissenting ideas, so I will never support the current Bitcoin Core development team. If lightning ever does work, it will work better, faster, and cheaper on Bitcoin Cash, so I don't have any reason to support BTC ever again.


Bummer. I do disagree with you but I hope you reevaluate that opinion some day, we could really use you back on the other side. Best of luck with big blocks

Just watched your interview with my homeboy @kafkanarchy84 ! Good stuff man :D Please post your vlogs to @dlive as well - that would be awesome!