My Latest Keynote Speech - Bitcoin Core (BTC's) Failure were HUMAN failure not technology

3년 전

I recently did a keynote presentation at the inaugural CoinGeek Conference in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin Cash is ready for global adoption now.

Unfortunately the legacy BTC network's downfall has been brought upon not by technological failure but human failure.

As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comment section of the video.

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Only reason Bitcoin core is number one is because it was first. It's pretty much useless.

It is hard to watch this bullshit until the end, so I stopped half way. BCH = Bcash and BTC is Bitcoin, don't lie about it.


So you don't understand what peer to peer cash system means ? Bitcoin is no longer peer to peer, now that they have lightning nodes in the mix.


The truth is a hard pill to swallow. BTC is now a pyramid scheme.


Lyin' Ver and the Cashies don't like facts.

Here's a plot of transaction activity on both blockchains --

BCash has been consistently anemic, while Bitcoin has had 10x or more activity. But the idiots say "nobody uses Bitcoin" -- that isn't what the numbers say -- on any site. Delusions are a powerful force.

Cashies also like to malign Lightning - because it removes their "muh high fees" narrative, and they don't like that. No longer can they spam the network and clog up shit -- so now its "lightning is baaaaaad".

Riiiiiight. Tell that to the people that are currently paying 0.00000001 satoshi for a transaction, lol.

Even without Lightning, fees have compressed into the domain of BCash and can actually go LOWER --

BCash has lost a good portion of its hashing power in the last week --

But no -- All the Cashies can't accept it - even if its staring them right in the face.

Lyin' Ver forked nearly a year ago, and he has zero traction -- and the stats show it.

He's probably just a hair short of having a mental breakdown - you can only ignore reality for so long.

Supplemental reading material on Lyin' Ver --

Hi @rogerkver

DASH offers Masternode Share programs where i can hedge Crypto investment at about 9% with 20-25 DASH as fixed investment. Is there a similar Service for Bitcoin Cash? Or dont you reward masternodes at all?


Agreed, human failure. Including BCH greed and lack of any direction.

@rogerkver, your passion is appreciated and Steem On Dude!

Thanks for the information Roger. I keep both in my portfolio because I lack the technical know how to choose a winner. You seem to be making nice progress.

I remember seeing this coming 4 years ago while visiting the Bitcoin subreddit. Awful dictatorship, censorship.

I'm with you and BCH Roger.