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Here's all you need to know about BCash:

Two Years And NOTHING

Going on two years and NOTHING. No traction, not a single blip outside of their "stress tests" and other shennanigans Roger is trying to drum up interest.

The IPO? No doubt supported by his cronies and insiders - just to bait all the newbies into thinking its a great deal.

Roger is a ex-convict, and he acts like one.

Stay far away.

Sangat bermamfaat, saya dari indonesia

Very useful, I am from Indonesia

I love your debates with Samson. You should do that often.

►Electron Cash also added Cashshuffle plug-in recently (coin mixing).

Wie Monero und DASH setzt BCH nun auch auf Anonymität.


Avanzado y ha pasos agigantados...

I submitted my designs for the BCH paper wallet. What do you think?