A picture is worth a thousand words or billions of $$$ ??? wut ??

2년 전

Checked Steem price still at 40cents , but then again is it a sign for the end of the bear market ? or just a random api mess ?

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@avtzis.petros send me a viber message to pack my staff and go buy some artificial islands to build a skyscrapper to call our home and maybe start a small buiseness like amazon. I knew something was fucked. lets get together and maybe buy Greece's debt with the change? IDK is hard work being a billinaire.


sweet bro's ! But instead why don't we grab some ships make a mini fleet and travel the world ! Being on a sky scraper seems little bit "limited" for our new wallet size !
Whoa! you are near to Trillion buddy !! Someone is getting a spaceshipppppp!!!! whop whop!

Πες τι θες να στο κανω δώρο?…. Γιατί δε θα μείνει φράγκο θα τα φάω όλα!!!


ολα τα λεφτα σουβλακια! xD


Ε ναι.... Η καλύτερη επένδυση!!!! :))

Καλά, το ίδιο ένοιωσα και εγώ @rouketas! 😄😆


σημερα τα συναισθηματα ειναι αναμικτα ! λολ

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