I'm going to start accepting Bitcoin at all my gyms in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, California. Doing my part in this movement for the future!

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My mind was just blown, I am visiting my Mountain View facility and a client on a trial literally walked into hesitantly and just asked me if I asked Bitcoin, I about fell out of my damn chair! the future is now, I thought it was "coming" but this just brought the train into the station for me! I am having him email me tonight to purchase through BTC.

I am emailing my attorneys right now, we are going to figure this out and I hope to not sound like a cocky ass but I would love to be a front runner of accepting cryptocurrency. Hell with my portfolio I could accept half a dozen cryptos.

My concern is just with taxes, how to claim it, should I claim it, etc. Big move in the right direction for me and a lot of questions but I am going to get this rolling and will keep you all updated with this journey I am going to take my business on.

Lots of questions and work for my attorneys, CPA and financial advisor to do because I don't think this is too common right now.

I am willing to invest to time and money into this to help others find a path to accepting crypto also. This is exciting and just motivated the hell out of me right now!

Appreciate any followings, support, upvotes and resteeming of this because I want this to boom!

Much love and success to all the steemit fam out there, a new era has arrived!


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Payment is payment with Bitcoin or bread as long as you're covering your expenses you'll success for sure. About taxes it will be the same as cash and cc most importantly this is a smart idea to attract new customers

Can we mine while using the free weights? (:o) I hope I can learn many details from you because I want to do the same in L.A.


You are a visionary haha, Every full squat ass to ground is .001 LTC!

That's fantastic @royschuh! Smart move!


Thank you! RESTEEM please :)

That is awesome @royschuh. I wish you lots of luck and that it works out, AND that others follow suit. Resteemed :-) Full Steem ahead


Thank you Pixie! I am just hoping to do my part to help, RESTEEM if you can :)

Interesting @royschuh. Keep posting on your experience..ok? Gonna follow. Im near you in Santa Cruz
ps. I'd absolutely keep a record of the crypto payments for taxes