My Crypto Portfolio Update: Buy VeChain (VEN)

3년 전

I am building a long-term crypto portfolio with $10,000. My first pick was BNB. Today I will add another coin: VeChain.


Why Vechain?

Many people know so little about this project. Yet, I think it is one of the best crypto projects. They are using the blockchain technology in a very creative way. They use it with RFID to authenticate valuable products. They can also help with supply chain mgt.
For example, a producer of a luxury bag installs a RFID. This sensor registers info about the bag on the blockchain. Now, anyone can check this info (they have a mobile app for that!)

Moreover, Vechain has solutions for IoT and supply chain managment.

Real Achievements

Vechain has been working since 2015. So it is not a project with a whitepaper only. Morover, it already has a working product and real customers.

Great Partnerships

This is the key element that made me take the decision to invest in Vechain. Their business development is so good, something I really miss in many crypto projects. Unlike many other crypto projects, Vechain has managed to make partnerships with big enterprises. They even have an important government project too. If this project is successful, the VeChain technology might be widely adopted in so many Chinese cities.

Great Team

Besides their business development team, Vechain has a team of 50 professional developers. This will enable them to develop their technology so fast.

Buy VeChain

I have decided to add Vechain to my portfolio:

Buying price : $5.94
Target Price: $20.00
Amount: 168.3 VEN for $1000

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great coin this one

I've noticed the growth they had in the last months in terms of price! Maybe you're right, it could be worth a small amount to invest. Don't you think the VeChain coin price is already at its peak and thus may go down in the next weeks due to natural correction ?


Thank you, @alketcecaj for the thoughtful comment. I agree, Vechain is probably in correction mode now.
On the other hand, Vechain is supposed to launch a rebranding campaign along side with their main net launch. Moreover, they are going to have master nodes and a staking program. I expect all that to create a very big demand for it.

Anyways, I am investing for long-term. So, a small volatility won't hurt me much.


I see! Well, I wish you good luck with that! I also will post soon an investing opportunity which I think deserves to be considered. See you around ;-)


Looking forward to seeing your suggestion.


Though it is an ICO it is not an ordinary one! More info will follow!

Is this a mineable coin or is it built on the Ethereum blockchain, I've seen alot of talk about this one. I have also watched it move up the ranks on CMC. I wish that I would have gotten in early. Although, there is a pretty nice pullback right now. Thanks for the info.


Thank you, @steemengines.
The current coin called (VEN) is an ERC20 coin. However, they will launch their own blockchain soon. I have read that it would be a fork of Ethereum.
Once that happens, they will have a special way for mining. for more info, please read this:

I think investing in cryptos is always a good idea especially if you are looking to build a long term portfolio with other non correlated assets such as real estate, currencies, gold, stocks, and bonds. Cryptos helps you to diversify the systematic risk present in any sort of traditional porfolios.

Besides, with cryptos looking to moon. Why not just invest money you can afford to lose to support developers looking to change the world and our creeky Internet 1.0?


Thank you, @dali.soh. That was well-said.

I agree that investing in cryptos is generally a good idea. However crypto land is full of scam projects. So, an investor should do some research before investing. This is what I am trying to do.

It's better to be late than sorry . Welcome to Vechain rocket !


Thank you @abhicrypto. I agree I missed the cheap prices.

However, I don't think I am too late. If VeChain goes to $20, then I will make 400% approx.

Got in at 5.80 and again at 7 so I have a little bit of bags right now but I am still comfy with this hold.


I would hold for at least a year. Then this small volatility would be negligible.

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing.... i like this post...i wait your next post.dear........

I would really love to learn more about cryptocurrency and how I can be able to earn from that.


Hey @bhabykat.
What do you need to know? Maybe I can help you.
Make sure to read these articles.

I love VEN at the moment. If i had to pick 5 coins that i am sure that will still do well in 5 years VEN would be 1 of them. At first i did impulse buy when i heard china partnership news but over a month of holding i was liking my buy more and more. It also helps i got it at 1,55$. I am small investor having only 400VEN but you have to start somewhere.