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Everyone knows It has become the reference site for knowing the price of cryptos. Yet, there is another website that offers the same basic services like the price, market cap, volume, and Bitcoin dominance index. Plus, it offers much more. This website is CoinCheckup. Since I have discovered, I've almost stopped using CoinMarketCap. The following are some of its unique features.

CoinCheckup: The Crypto Research Platform


Most of the top cryptocurrencies are evaluated regularly, and then they are given a score. The website editors claim that they have more than 2000 hours of research. The founders of the website say that providing a comprehensive research on cryptos was the objective of launching the website:

"As an investor in the market we believe it’s important to know the background and fundamentals of any product / service / opportunity you invest in.
CoinCheckup was created out of the frustration that the current cryptocurrency market has a serious lack in transparency. Yes, you can research background info on each cryptocurrency on their websites, forums and social media channels but this will take a lot of time and it’s nearly impossible to compare cryptocurrencies.
We came up with a standardized a research process and started researching. As we were extending our excel sheet we came to the conclusion that "If we have this problem, than other people might have the same problem". This is how CoinCheckup was born."

The "My Coins" Feature

CoinCheckup Gives you the option to follow the coins you are most interested in. Then, you can click on the "Only my coins" button that is on the top left corner to see a list of only your coins.
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This is very useful if you want to concentrate on a group of coins and don't get bothered by the hundreds of coins available.

Additional Features

There are many other features in this useful website like:

  • The night mode.
  • The Categorization of coins
  • The detailed sections of each currency that include its contact info, it news ...etc.
  • The investment section where you can find the historical growth and performance of each coin.

I have made CoinCheckup my starting page for cryptos. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

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