CryptoTrouble - Was high level entry my mistake?

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When we talk about inflation content, a calculative money maker used to recollect the NPV formulas to know his actual financial standing and estimations.

Inflationary Measures Reloaded
There was a time when a person used to seriously care about the inflation news and always make a note of budgetary measures employed by the state for such cure. But now a days you don’t care much about the such petty issues, why so..? Because you now having different or growing sources of income and you purely concentrate on the income swelling techniques and cares for the high prices at a later stage because we don’t think of the capacity to afford the higher levels of the standards but we can’t afford to live in the scarcity of luxury. To complement the said front we focuses more on higher earning methods and elevation in success because we do not have actual control over the situation so we have to deal with it and neither we go for the barter system back in time.

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Now imagine the cryptocurrency is here at the place of fiat as most of us demanding as crypto lovers and due to the impact of inflation and may be some other political reasons the crypto value decreased 65% in six months…..what would have been the scenario in real case then. We couldn’t compete the 65% in any other alternatives. What have been done by us, it would trouble the existence question for us. But fortunately it is not the case. - It’s just a case of perfect ignorance.

Its about cognition
First of all it is a long path to go for the crypto money like the transforming of barter into the currency behaviour. For the omnipresence of this concept regulatory measure must be set up like the fiat money control. Ignorance about the crypto insight makes one doubtfull about its capacities. Many of us who has joined the crypto run around the end of the last year which touching its peek then but as they have not studied the concept blockchain either they have just joined for the sake of quick profits and they felt cheated at a later stage. Me too have joined the tour at the hilly point but after getting reliable acquaintance.

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Some of the nations like India, are still being stranger to the cow (cash cow) and posing to ban, some others like Iceland fearing of the crypto boom to end in a bust and worries about the sword over its mining run economy. But EU has shown its acceptance over it similarly facebook the largest social media group has allowed some relaxations over the crypto related promotions. And most importantly we are here on this Steem based platform discussing about the complexities of the issue.
So its already high time for the world to firstly understand and enabled persons to spread the knowledge about the power of cryptocurrency and it’s miraculous capabilities.

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I believe that we do not have a magic ball to see the future and predict if it will go wrong or good


But still we can see the prospective possible future...isn't it.


Looking at it from a financial point of view, it can be analyzed and in many cases predict