The Bitcoin to 25K by Year End Call and Managing Expectations

3년 전

So after Tom Lee's rather unfounded call about a Consensus sparked bitcoin rally failed to materialize, he has said he still believes Bitcoin will reach 25k by year's end.

Managing Expectations

25K isn't even a bold call compared to some others. 50K is thrown around by alot of talking heads as well.

In the video below I take a look at BTC and ETH and also talk expectations to try and put some things into perspective.

For instance, if we finished the year in the 12-13K area - you realize that would be a 40-50% return form current prices. That is a pretty sizeable return in ANY investment.

It is also worth noting that the high for the new year to the low is roughly 7k points. If the second half of the year replicates that to the upside we are talking 15K. Getting back to the all time highs may take a little time in the end.


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As long as it goes up any percentage from here I am happy. Each day the crypto world gets stronger.

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The all times highs are too high. I think it will need a miracle to reach the all time highs again. A major partnership news or a promising plan of future.


Agreed, it will be a long road to get back to the highs probably.

I'm ready for anything between $6K and $26K

Anything lower or higher than that will raise my eyebrows. lol