Get 5000 Primebank coin instantly in your myeather wallet absolutely free.

3년 전

Token name : Primebank Coin
Contract address: 0xf069d9f8e394f23878e6beccbdef41c4a957b662
Symbol: PMC
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.00PMC
Decimals: 8

At first you unlock your myeather wallet then set follow as above picture:
Gas Price: 5 Gwei
To address: 0xf069d9f8e394f23878e6beccbdef41c4a957b662
Amount to Send: 0
Gas Limit: 100000
and click generate transation then click send transation then click
Yes, I am sure! Make transation. that's finish

wait few minutes then the token will receive your myeather wallet.

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Great post, it is good news for me. I got 4999 Primebank coin in myeather wallet. @lipika1980