This is Eos! And this is some reasons that can let us to Invest In!

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Hi steemians !

Through this post, we will try to do a fundamental analysis of the EOS project and see the opportunities for investors and decentralized application developers​​...

EOS is a project that is based on cryptocurrencies and has the potential to bring in huge returns in the future. This project is based on the smart contracts aspects of the cryptocurrency market. This way, it has an edge over the players that are more established. For example, EOS is scalable and this makes it better than Ethereum. Due to the competitive position that gives it an advantage over Ethereum, it is therefore in a better position to grow fast. The EOS project is new and it has been developed to deal with problems like those faced by Ethereum. Scalability is a problem that is still being worked on the EOS project is expected to grow significantly due to the range of services and solutions it can offer. In addition to the range of services, it also has additional features on top that makes it more suitable. Some of these features include fast speeds of flexibility and transactions.

More about the EOS

This project is being referred to as Ethereum killer. This is because just like Ethereum, it makes it possible for the developers to come up with apps that are decentralized. However, the apps by the project have several slight differences from those of Ethereum. Dan Larimer, @dan is one of the developers of this project. In addition to this project, Larimer has also been involved in the development of other projects that have almost similar backgrounds. He has also been involved in the development of applications including Bitshares and our wonderful platform Steemit @steemit whit @ned, which have been very successful. For the first time a blogging network that is decentralized! That is also an example that you can use EOS to create. On the other hand, Bitshares is an open source public real-time financial platform that is based on the blockchain technology.

The process taken to activate the project too about 2 weeks but the EOS blockchain is finally live. The block activator that is based in the US has given data to show that the blockchain went live on the 14th of June 2018. This happened immediately following the voting of the lock producer that passed the 15% that was necessary to activate the block network. The launching of the main net had been done a week prior to this launch. There were attempts made by the EOS launch groups to activate the network to no avail. This is because the users had to first stake 15% of all the EOS tokens to vote for the producers who have the task of verifying the transaction to be made on the platform.


Only a few users staked their tokens very fast so that barely one third of the total tokens which amount to one hundred and fifty million were staked by Tuesday. The voting further picked over the next few days, and finally the launch was officially done on Thursday. Reports were given by CNN said that blockchain development released what was the first version of this program on the 2nd day of June 2018. This was during the end of the year-long ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This led to the raise of the firm by $4billion.

It was not only after one week that the block producers were able to attempt the launch as they were vying to be among the 21 entities tasked with the duty of verifying transactions. It may also be due to the cryptocurrency exchanges that these producers were able to push the voting to get to over 15% that was required. Bitfinex, on Wednesday, held a voting platform of its own. This platform gave the opportunities for EOS holders to vote on whether the Bitfinex should share their token balances on behalf of their clients temporarily. This way, it would be possible to contribute to the cryptocurrency main net.

please get a look here: EOS Block Producer Voting Statistics (


However, criticism came not only due to the voting pace. Some of the candidates have hinted that they desire to bring in third parties like google cloud and AWS. These third parties will help the candidates to host their services. This way, the candidates do not build their own data centers that are secure. The critics have said that when too many developers build their data centers by involving the third parties, then the security of the systems will be jeopardized. Some of the users that are on social media have also come out to bring their complaints. It has been noted that most of the producers that have been ranked among the best are based in Northern America, Northern Europe, and Northern Asia. This may lead to the centralization of the cryptocurrencies verification and transactions, seeing that these areas are dominant in cryptocurrency mining.

The EOS has become one of the largest cryptocurrency because it currently has a $7.4 billion market cap.


Why you should invest in EOS

•When choosing a cryptocurrency, it is important to consider the person that is behind the cryptocurrency. The EOS has been able to attract the attention of certain billionaires, meaning it has great potential.

•The design and scalability of the currency. The scalability in EOS has been placed as a top priority, ensuing that it can target the apps that do not require decentralization and sill have no effect on performance. These apps include Twitter.

•The state of the competitors is also important. Ethereum for example, has set a target to become the decentralized world computer. After a while however, they realized that this will take a lot of time and resources and it therefore postponed these plans. The two choices they have are to ether further postpone their apps or look for another blockchain. If they choose the latter, then EOS is at an advantage to benefit from their projects.

•It is based on Blockchain 4.0 which is the fastest, putting it in a position to destroy bitcoins and half of altcoins.


Since running a blockchain is not cheap, there is a ​ need for the development of fund for the development of the blockchain. The EOS depends on inflation that is up to 5% annually. The block one team also put a lot of investment in their ecosystem, to ensure that there are always projects with support and potential. The EOS tokens also allow the ​use of resources in shared networks. When you invest in this cryptocurrency, you will have access to bandwidth and storage. With EOS, the amount of tokens you have are able to provide a percentage of the space that will be available to you. This is the reason why it is safest and best to invest in EOS.

Latest​ price from Bitfinex (chart tradingview): $8,35

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

All the best!​

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it will be big

EOS blockchain can be stopped


this is an enormous trouble.

EOS is a promise I am waiting to see being kept.

eos is a shitcoin


Explain why, if u can


only a person with shit for brains would say that.


we will talk later once eos produces some results ok.. but that might take 5 or 10 years..


If you believe that EOS will still be around in 5-10 years then you are clearly viewing EOS as a competitor rather than a shitcoin.

EOS is far from perfect, especially in the governance area, however it is a potential direction for crypto to take. It is also a step forward. There is no point in knocking the future and clinging desperately to the past. While we all have a fondness for the earlier blockchains we have to recognise that these were the prototypes and badmouthing future projects will only cause the sector to grind to a halt.

I have no doubt that within several years EOS will be surpassed by future advances. When that happens we need to gracefully disband and take those new projects on board.

And while I don't 100% like the model that EOS works on it is things like this that will be shaping human society in the future. The rather stagnant Neo-feudalist models that the world is running on currently on does need an injection of creativity after all ....or are you an advocate for the status quo?


Bytecoin will also be alive by the next 5 or 10 years..


I'm not an advocate of the required human interaction from BPs

@simobnr As per your theory EOS is a great project I also holding this coin.But is it really better than Ethereum I have a doubt more 100++ projects are running successfully in ethereum platform.yes If we talk about price than $8 and $450 Huge chances are for growth EOS .Profit point of view EOS is good.

EOS has already proved that it's a very good project and I am hoping that it will boom in near future...

How they choose or elect the EOS Arbitrary? he is basically THE KING OF EOS! ⚠️ I hope I soon find out how that part works. Sam, a gardener with superpower! 😮✌️
I believe in EOS, but not everthing is clear to me.
have a great day ❕ greetz from Belgium 🇧🇪

Very good post with a lot of information on EOS, for my EOS is an ICO with a very interesting project behind which could help push a little more the world of cryptomonedas thanks to its reliability and the security that we provide research about of him and I ended up making an EOS purchase to have some income....

i disagree with you its totally centralised as controled by eos community we should not invest any penny into it


I totally agree with you. It is extremely centralized and something needs to be done about that in future chains. However it is far less centralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin in which 90% of block production is controlled by 3-5 mining pools. Isn't Bitmain on the verge of hitting 51%? That will make Bitcoin no better than Namecoin.


@simobnr Hi sir do you really think if i will hold eos till end of the year it will give good profit

it has to do with the psychological investment even when a person knows it was the wrong choice. A common example: a person heads to see a lecture. It's a rainy, traffic-y, night and it took major effort to get there. The lecturer ends up being mediocre to bad. Because of the physical/psychological investment made, the attendee will have a more favourable view of the mediocrity or poor quality of lecture. It's pretty easy to spot. It's a lack of critical thinking and fear of being wrong or feeling stupid. Also stirs a sense of identity, for example, Apple or Windows. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. What I don't understand with the cryptos is investing or supporting one OR the other. I think this is more about identity plus a some personal investment (psychological, financial, effort of some kind).


It all comes down to tribalism

I don't think it will able to beat ethereum


Let's hope that something comes and beats Ethereum soon as it was only a prototype really. Stephenson's Rocket was an amazing achievement but I'm glad it is still not in operation today.

Its had some problems so I may wait for a few more bugs to come out. So many people bought and I feel even at this price it may be too high. I am keeping me eyes out but I need to see some positive news consistently come out before I think about buying.


I'm also waiting to see what happens next

Great post! We created a website where the Steem community can keep track of EOS dApps, and contribute by posting and voting :) please check it out and help add some projects!

Thanks for the valuable information. Buy now !!!!tenor.gif


Yes, buy now!

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@smiobnr I like you post and EOS project but in your article below comment "EOS blockchain can be stopped".Please tell me EOS really stop or not.


it is a safety mechanism, it is better to stop a chain if something goes wrong than have the problem propagate thru the network.

@simobnr When do you think EOS will reach it's ATH?

@simobnr hi how u think EOS better then Ethereum.

very good post

@simobnr Do you think that EOS can reach 50$ in 2018


i belive

I feel like we are still in the early stages of this project. Hope the future will be more fruitful to all investors.

@simobour what do you think about the future of this cryptocurrency?
I think it has a great potential after reading your article ?????
but needs your recomendation

good post! EOS is future, future is now, subscribed to you

@simobnr Do you really think eos can achieve the target of 30$ in this year? I wanted to know because I had buys eos and I am thinking to hold in this year?

Good time to invest in!

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Great post!

EOS is great project

Pretty stoked about EOS. I'm planning on buying some with a portion of my Steem earnings.

Should we buy it

Some people say that EOS is scame is it true or not?

EOS will be good, Etheruem killer NO. It will create is own path.. I personally am not holding or buying any right now as too many people are chase dumping now and the maret is shit and may get shittier. Maybe at $5 I'll jump in.

EOS is destined to take over 2nd place!

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EOS has a stellar role to play in the future of blockchain technology. Another platform that has such potentials is Seele. I wrote a piece on Seele's amazing Blockchain 4.0 here an upvote from you would be nice. Thank you

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#simobnr Cryptography is the basic building square of freedom for associations on the Web, much the same as armed forces are the basic building squares of states, in light of the fact that else one state just assumes control over another.

@simobnr can EOS kill ETH in future??


"EOS project is being referred to as Ethereum killer" in the post above, not mean that I think that will happen, but just forgive approach that EOS and ETEHEREUM play in the same area in different ways and philosophy, anyway competition​ is good for technology​! in my own opinion​ EOS comes to add​ value to​ the blockchain​ space! Not to overtake or destroy​​ other awesome projects like ETEHEREUM.

The first exchange to give the BKK holder all of the exchange revenues as USDT
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Lots of FuD for EoS

The first exchange to give the BKK holder all of the exchange revenues as USDT
4,000 BKK token airdrop on first come first served basis

Interesting, I always know it's a great project but thanks for collaborate wit theat

I do not agree as EOS will touch $36 by end of August.


It's really great crypto like as moon I am a rich due to crypto

@simobnr what's Eos .......?

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Hi @simobnr

I see you're quite bullish on EOS.

Just accidently bumped into your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

big fat upvote on the way! :)

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr
thank you for your interest! follow you too, Yes I'm bullish on crypto in general cause my interest is the technology behind crypto and use case of each of course :) the price will follow with time :) its normal!​
will publish a post on IOTA soon!
have a great day​!​


Im so sorry for getting back to you so late @simobnr

Last few days were very hectic and crazy. Busy in a good way :)

Im glad to see you being so optimistic! :D


@simobnr, I agree EOS has potential to take over Etherium,but it takes time. I am also holding EOS,after launching main net its price has not boom,is it hacking problem or any other,what is your opinion ?