a opinion wanted so from you guys: Neo or Lisk

3년 전

hello fellow Steemers,

Since a while I'm very into Lisk and want to get rid of my Neo shares and buy Lisk for them instead.
But ofcourse like the most people in Crypto we are here for money, not love or other stuff just cash ;)

So the question is: do you guy's see more growth potential in Lisk or Neo?

Neo already had its re-branding and one or to ICO connected to Neo and for Lisk all those things are just to come around the corner.

On the picture underneath both Coins are in the top of growth in the top 100 on coinmarketcap.com

I really interested in what you guy have to say, seeing forward to the feedback :)

Thanks and have a good day all of you

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Except numbers, do you have any other information about what's behing Lisk ?


Lisk is more into D-apps and not the smart-contract stuff like ETH and NEO.
They see their goal to be the new app market like Google play etc.


Thanks I'll have a look into this!

I don't know lisk but they say NEO is the ETH of China, and there are allot of Chinese people!


good point, but Neo recently have seen a huge spike in price, and Lisk is about to re-brand and bring their SKD (software development kit) to the public. And its all Java Script based, this means a massive amount of programmers are ready to go with it.

Yet to read about lisk too...upd


I actually read a shit load about Lisk and already holding some, but I'm looking for a good moment to transfer Neo to Lisk

I'm holding both right now. I want to get into "Voting" with Lisk, but I don't know a large enough amount to cover the fees over and over again.


when I started voting for Lisk i had around 800 and I made profit after two weeks. You can check earnlisk.com to get a sense what to expect


Nice! I'm nowhere close to that. Still enjoying the ride.

Nice post. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. You read this stories about people selling their cars to buy cryptos and I think to myself: Don't invest money you don't have. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results (even though they don't deliver any guarantee for the future). I found this amazing platform: https://www.coincheckup.com Complete Coin analysis about the team, product, communication transparency, advisors and investment statistics.

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