Datablockchain- Merging Big Data, AI And Blockchain

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Blockchain technology is now widely used and applied to all kinds of systems that will make it easier to collect and record every transaction safely and transparently. Using Blockchain, we won't be afraid of losing the data we have. The last project that uses blockchain as a system integration is the DataBlockchain project.


The data are the main source of public campaigns, election campaigns, research and health research, as well as risk identification projects for a particular region. Without data, many activities lose their effectiveness, and the demand for high-quality data is constantly growing. is a project developed by the leading developers of the company Media Direct Inc., which boasts of such major customers as Ford, Microsoft or Samsung, and is supported respected advisers. Attention to the project is given by the innovation with which it wants to revolutionize the world of data collection and sale.

What features of the project?

The project I'm writing about is designed as a platform to bring together databases managed by other providers, thanks to the creation of an API (Oracle) capable of ensuring constant data exchange between different databases. Providers may sell their data on the platform; the user may purchase data from external providers or from the platform itself. In fact, the platform has a very powerful artificial intelligence data collection system inside, capable of collecting and managing data according to requests. Therefore, thanks to this module it will be possible to extract data in the desired format, saving time and, above all, money.


The price of the sales data on the platform will be extremely competitive, in the absence of intermediaries. To purchase, you must register, login to the platform, pay your numbers, open your portfolio, and then swap Ethereum on the DBCCoin coin needed to purchase data packages, both from external providers and from the platform itself. The platform profits from the sale of data and from these suppliers, as a percentage, while maintaining competitive prices.

The sale to the public is currently ongoing. At the end of June was carried out in presale worse which attracted $ 16 million. The ideal goal that the team would like to achieve is 50 million $, a high figure that, in my opinion, is proportional to the cost of the project if you think it fits into a sector with a turnover of about 700 billion $ and starts with a respected customer base.


What in general can be said about the project is the fact that the idea of the project is in demand and promising that given the advantages that the project carries, it will be in demand in the market. I also want to highlight the project team which brought together professionals and this suggests that all stated with a high degree of probability will be implemented. Because the project does not always combine a good idea and a strong team, but this project has it and it gives it good prospects. The price of 1 token on the ico will be equal to 0.12 USD, it will be possible to buy in Ethereum. Minimum Deposit from 0.1 Ethereum. Below will be the data on the official sources of the project, where you can get detailed information and get closer to the project.

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