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The plot and programs which the government is raising against the use of the digital resources is vivid enough and can be seen in their cry against many platforms to have their users verified against all odds. This is not a good approach and the gesture is as bad as the motive behind it. This simply explains that many factors are against the good workings of the ledgerSystem and are willing to frustrute users and the projects also. But it is high time an end is put to that and everyone of the factors put far behind for the achievement of more efficient services.To make that happen, there is a need for a distributed type of exchange where resources can be well optimized for users. Thus, DEEX comes to play at this junction.


Deex is one platform as described as a trade conducting one which is the answer to the predicaments of the users in the exchange of their assets. To go deep down, Deex will be revamping the use of their wallet system used in the past for trading, all the cards used and other important facilities which are used for the activity. Doing all these, users are rest assured of a total preeminence with Deex in all the fields of trading even as it will be restoring the accuracy and speed that once existed with the ease of conducting any transaction.

DEEX is a community that is made whole by the presence of components whose importance cannot be underestimated.

-A user friendly interface and options for different type of commercial services using either cryptos, or the Fiat. It also stands as an exchange stock market for others with the ability to present them with the best services.

-DEEX has a unique storage purse where resources can be kept temporarily or permanently before, during and after many important transactions.

-This DEEX Platform, gives users the privilege to use special components such as two credit and debit cards which can be used for emergency withdrawals and also for other payment purposes online or offline in market stores.

-It has an embodiment of crypmatatians which hails from major countries like Russia and Turkey.

-It has a well structured ecosystem for escrow services for many ICOs.

-There are powerful mobile friendly apps which can be used on many devices both on Androids and iOS. There is also a trading robot which enhances all trading operations.


The idea behind DEEX was to implement a portal for effective exchanges of all types of assets in the most comfortable way. This therefore can only be brought about by the full use of the blockbuster tech in which DEEX has mastered.

The full motive is the straight exchange services and the resolution of the major trading challenges. But the functions and obligations apparently has increased to include;

The convenient escrow services using a fully distributed network which has been coined from the site using the most reliable tools. Moreover, this platform will be inclined towards the full control of many ICO projects and in making various forms of analysis about them. It will also empower such projects by linking them to a permanent investor that is able to fund them well as a means of supporting them for rewards that will come later.

DEEX will be managed by a group of professional traders of its standard team and thus will be able to provide users with full transparency. In addition, the team will enable the listing of its token in credible exchanges of the Dex model and on the topmost cex Platform.

It is able to allow the various cards used for transactions to be used for Fiat also and be effective in the Swift conversion to cryptos an also back to the normal real life currency. Also, this incredible cards can be accepted in all the retail stores for payment purposes.

This platform will be providing necessary API for the use of important apps and other forms of services that might be required in the ecosystem. It makes the provision ahead of the times they will be needed.

DEEX allows the creation of private network for the current map for buying and selling of the tokens and of the smoothest transactions with the fiat money simply with the use of the cards provided for that purpose.



DEEX provides necessary protection of the funds under its control in its network. So this makes users rest assured in its services. All the benefits derived from DEEX is in some ways similar to that of the cex Platforms with the difference that it has masterminded all the challenges and negativities to use them for a beneficial purpose in its community.


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